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Do you want to create the life you want, to be in healthy positive relationships, to attract the prosperity you deserve and start believing in yourself?

Are you feeling stuck, lacking direction, feeling there is more to life than this? Feeling that you want to have lived to the full, lived your dreams, done what really matters to you?

You may have tried many avenues already, and not achieved the outcome you desired, the outcome you prayed for, you worked towards.


Because your thought pattern and your belief system are working against you.

What I do and how I can help:

As a life coach and NLP practitioner, I've been helping individuals and businesses around the world, conquer their problems, be Free to Be Themselves and live a happy, loving and prosperous life.

I help you change your mindset so that you feel more empowered to create the life you want for yourself.

Because all that you want in life, truly starts with YOU…!

I show you how to tap into your inner power, instead of allowing outside circumstances dictate to you. I show you how to take back your life and feel alive and excited about your present and the future!

I’m here to help you because you are not alone!

Check my free podcast Free to Be You, on evaruiz.libsyn.com

or on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher - Free to Be You by Eva Ruiz.

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Check my free podcast Free to Be You, on evaruiz.libsyn.com

or on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher - Free to Be You by Eva Ruiz.

If you like the episodes, feel free to leave a review there, and share it with friends, family and colleagues.

Eva xx

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How to come against self-doubt, once and for all!

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Have you ever heard of the imposter syndrome? No, it's not a disease, illness or a medical condition. It's not a mental disorder either. It's what we call when we don't believe in our abilities, when we doubt ourselves, when we believe we are a fraud. It's when we believe, deep down, that we are not good enough or deserving enough. Often, we relate this to the professional world, but honestly, it happens in all areas of our life. And it's TIME to STOP this because it is not serving YOU! Self-doubt, or imposter syndrome, can be totally crippling and will stop you achieving or having the life you want. In any environment, even in relationships, imposter syndrome will lead you to believe that you are not up to the expectations of others and that sooner or later you will lose it all, because people will soon find out you are a fraud. It will also just paralyse you, stopping you from doing the things you might want to do, or even attempt them because you believe you are not up to the job or the situation. Whether it is meeting new friends, getting the job you want, studying what you feel excited about, embarking on great new ventures, you talk yourself into this fear of failure!! Sadly, this is the conversation people have with themselves when self-doubt takes over. Basically, it robs you from your happiness and fulfilment!!! In this short workshop, I will: - explain where this comes from, because once you identify it, it's easier to deal with it. - show you how it manifests, and believe me, you will be surprised how often it comes up. - give you some strategies to deal with this self-doubt and imposter syndrome. - help you move forward and be prepared for when it comes up again. Do not allow self-doubt to continue being an obstacle in your life. Like any condition, when it is left unchecked, it will stop you from living the life you want. IT'S LIKE DRIVING A CAR WITH 3 GEARS, YOU ARE DRIVING ALONG, YES, BUT YOU WILL NEVER ACHIEVE YOUR FULL POWER! Afterwards, there is time to socialise over coffee, tea, soft drinks. It will be an opportunity to meet like-minded people and share views. Tickets £15 before the event (or £20 at the door, if any room left). If you have any questions prior to the day, send me a message. Venue to be confirmed, but will be in Chelmsford or just outside. Registration at 15:00 for a 15:15 start Finish at 17:00 Please arrive on time, so we can start promptly. I can't wait to meet you on the day. Eva Certified life coach and NLP practitioner

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