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Entrepreneurs & Start-ups – Success Summit (limited free early bird tickets)
THIS IS FOR YOU IF... * You want to start a business on the side to give you more security. * You want to grow your current business to make more profit. * You are serious about taking your life to a different level. * You want more results in your life. * You want to earn more and have more freedom. * You want more structure and focus so that you can get more stuff done. * You are serious about your growth.We’re going to show you the 7 Elements of Wealth that will lead you to have clarity, confidence and grow your community. This 2 day breakthrough success summit is a fast paced, fun and energetic event with successful entrepreneur Ed JC Smith. OUR EVENT GUARANTEE You will walk away from the event with clear structures, feeling more confident and learn what you need to do to create more stability, passion and financial freedom in your life. SPECIAL KEY NOTE SPEAKER - TO BE CONFIRMED FREE tickets for EARLY BIRDS! Only with Code: FREELONDONEVENTS (otherwise pay £10.30 – £197) THE BREAKTHROUGH SUCCESS SUMMIT Those that who have attended the Breakthrough Success Summit have given the event the highest rating and have invited back their friends and family. In this life-changing 2 day breakthrough event, you will discover everything you need to move to the next level in your life and business. The event is split into 6 Key Fundamental areas that will give you everything you need to get you from where you are now to where you want to be. 1. MINDSET : This will allow you to understand how to re-focus your mind in order to move your life forward. Whether you want a BETTER JOB or to start or grow a business on the side, then the Mindset Made Easy Model™ will give you everything you need to take the next steps forward. 2. BREAKTHOUGH OLD BELIEFS AND NEGATIVE THINKING: think about what has held you back to create the life that you want. 3. TIME: You will leave the event discovering how to master your time allowing you to become highly more effective, focused and efficient every day. 4. PROFIT: You will discover how to turn your passion into a profit. Even if you are in a job right now or already run your own business you will discover how to find your passion and more importantly how to turn your passion into a full-time income to increase your stability. 5. INCREASE INCOME: You will discover how to increase your income in an integral way that fits and aligns with you so that you can have more freedom and live life on your terms. 6. LEGACY: You will discover how to make an impact and get your message out in the most effective way allowing you to make a difference in the world and accelerate yourself to the next level in your life. FREE tickets for EARLY BIRDS! Use Code: FREELONDONEVENTS (otherwise pay £10.30 – £197) Your Host and Your Presenter Ed J C Smith Ed is an internationally renowned expert in the area of psychology, performance and business, Ed has used cognitive psychology, emotional intelligence, and leadership training in business for over 16 years and has taught this in some of the most prestigious facilities in London, the United States and Australia, including the Joshi Clinic in Wimpole Street where clients like Gwyneth Paltrow, Jude Law, Michael Jackson, Princess Diana are and were regulars. Having worked with some of the largest global companies in the world, and personally owning an investment firm that turns a 7 figure profit, Ed takes you through a unique systematic approach to business psychology and performance, so that you can have a real working knowledge of how to apply it instantly to your own business and personal life, enabling you to create the wealth and freedom you deserve. Ed talks all over the world and ... FREE tickets for EARLY BIRDS! Use Code: FREELONDONEVENTS (or pay £10.30 – £197)

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