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Why should small business owners, entrepreneurs, professionals, authors, experts, and nonprofits join our Free Public Relations Club?

The internet has changed how our customers choose to discover us, and so we must adapt.

Wouldn’t it help if a lot more people knew about your business?

More people would buy your products and/or services, and could also recommend you to all their friends

Wouldn’t you love to be part of a community of small business owners, entrepreneurs, professionals, and nonprofits, who know one another’s businesses and support one another by becoming customers or clients if appropriate and by referring others to them?

You'll learn the best practices of the wise councilors of the Free Public Relations Club who are an elite group of professionals with

decades of proven experience.

Join Our FREE Public Relations Club. Click here to get registered (https://www.theneweconomychamber.com/FreePublicRelationsClub)

Join a group of people like you who are creating

businesses they love to support the lifestyle they want.

So how do you find new people who want to do business with you?

At www.freepublicrelationsclub.com we offer people an opportunity to get to know other business owners. We help them learn about the FREE tools they can use, the new rules that will keep them safe, and the tactics and strategies that will make them more successful. These will include both online and offline tools and strategies,

Together we can see our businesses grow as we learn and adopt the New Rules, Tools, and Tactics of Public Relations

Join Our FREE Public Relations Club. Click here to get registered (https://www.theneweconomychamber.com/FreePublicRelationsClub)

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Cash in on The Gig Economy - The Future of Work and Wealth
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Come for a lively expert panel and a "Chalk Talk"about the big job shift plus commentary on media reports about the "meteoric explosion of the gig economy". Learn how you can stay ahead of this rising tide. The panel of Mike Hayes-Gig Economy Documentary Director, Sunil Bhaskaran-Global Leader of Mentoring- how to use Meetup.com (72,000+ followers) and Mike Driggers, Leading Authority Marketing Agent, will explain the facts, myths and practical opportunities of this new economy. Mike is also launching the Gig Economy Users Group to explore all sides of this rising economy. The panel will illustrate the new rules of personal branding and distribution in the new gig marketplaces, as a gig seekers, marketers and "explainers". Sunil Bhaskaran states: "It is critical to understand the forces that shape our future of our lives, our careers and our businesses. A force to understand now, is the growing gig economy. As more people become consultants or non-employee / business owners, there comes a need to build an audience. This fits very well into the meetup.com (http://meetup.com/)platform model of building large audiences and converting them into paying customers."

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