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Michael Hughes Hayes is a passionate advocate for networking, recognizing its significance in building relationships and fostering both friendships and commerce. He firmly believes that finding common ground is essential when engaging with individuals at networking events. As an experienced organizer, Michael has discovered that the most successful networking events are those organized in collaboration with Meetup. His dedication to cross-pollinating groups and introducing fresh faces into networking circles has driven him to explore innovative solutions.

In his quest to support organizers and facilitate networking connections, Michael envisions two primary approaches. Firstly, he aims to provide effective support to organizer groups without excessive costs. Instead of replicating costly endeavors, he proposes lighter methods of enabling organizers to connect and collaborate. Secondly, Michael envisions a user-friendly marketplace or ecosystem that simplifies communication and mutual interest-based interactions between organizers. By creating a curated list of topical areas and fostering connections among organizers, he believes that cross-location networking can thrive.

Michael's enthusiasm extends beyond networking events. Inspired by the likes of Anthony Bourdain, he aspires to become a networking equivalent, sharing positive ideas and experiences. Furthermore, he contemplates the value of establishing an idea-sharing platform exclusively for organizers or a marketplace offering various services and vendors tailored to organizers' needs. By helping organizers become more proficient networkers and offering specialized support, Michael aims to cultivate a strong community.

As a community organizer with an impressive track record, Michael has successfully united and organized a community of 10,000 independent contractors in the Bay Area.
His experience collaborating with Google as a partner for local events and leveraging meetups for Google My Business promotion further demonstrates his expertise in the field.

Michael's passion for networking, combined with his experience in community building, makes him a valuable asset to any organization. With his dedication, knowledge, and natural enthusiasm, Michael is committed to driving the success of both meetups and organizers alike, fostering thriving networks and helping individuals achieve their goals
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