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It’s gotten harder to get new clients and customers using traditional marketing.

I wanted to find out why.

I network, I broadcast, I interview entrepreneurs and business professionals about their business and networking.

I am an introvert and dyslexic who has to succeed with a networking system despite my shortcomings and I am determined to help you create networking win/wins as I do.

I’m a networking relationship & marketing strategist and I specialize in cross-group networking.

Learning Cross Group Networking has solved the problem of getting more new clients for people like me.

Our Dream Team of Networking Experts have experienced huge successes across Multiple Groups Chambers of Commerce, Toastmasters, Meetups, BNI Groups, Facebook and Linkedin Groups, Business Expo & Conferences (Offline and on) & across multiple stages platforms Meetup, Zoom, Facebook & YouTube LIVE and from Cafe Networking locations.

I'm a Mike Hayes, d.g.a. broadcaster. Mike@CrossGroupNetworking.com

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Creating Your Effective Marketing Plan - Trg and Networking Event

Thank you for those of you who suggested this topic.

When it comes to marketing strategy and planning, most people live on hope or on expensive experimentation that leads to no results, or inconsistency or worse .. burnout.

In this training and networking event, you will gain the following:

a. How to create a flexible, customized plan that makes sense, gives you confidence and does not burn you out

b. How to set yourself up to win at the game of executing your marketing plan

c. At least three ways that you could fail that you MUST AVOID at all costs

d. At least three ways that you can double your happiness and results - revealed from 22 years of coaching people to making six figures to a million dollars.

I am very excited to share these ideas, distinctions and practical tools with you!

"Sunil promised me that in 90 days of coaching with him, I would triple
my income. ... And I did! I tripled my income in 90 days, just as he promised."-Sharla Jacobs, Award-Winning Million-Dollar Mentor

The secrets will be revealed - especially at the end of the presentation - so plan to be there for the entire presentation.

Agenda: Please plan your time for travel and nourishment to be on time

6.15 pm to 6.30 pm : Networking - create and generate business

6.30 pm to 8.30 pm: Training

8.30 pm to 8.45 pm: Networking - use the training to create and generate business

See you there: RSVP now!

After you RSVP, please be sure to ask your questions or comments: I answer all relevant comments and questions!

Kind regards,


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