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A Better Illinois: Fair Tax Legislation

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2800 W Foster Ave · Chicago

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A Better Illinois: Fair Tax Legislation
Meeting # 3,264 - Peter Starzynski
"The tax system in Illinois is broken and needs to be fixed. Too often, rich people and big corporations avoid paying their fair share.
The middle class pays about twice the rate that the rich pay in Illinois taxes—while Main Street small business owners who create millions of Illinois jobs pay a higher tax rate than big corporations and CEOs that use loopholes to avoid paying their fair share.
In fact, under our current system, small business owners get hit twice; once, because of the dwindling buying power of the middle class and working families; second, by an unfair tax code which requires a storekeeper on Main Street to pay even higher rates as a millionaire CEO.
Illinois' so-called “flat” income tax isn’t actually flat—and it certainly isn’t fair.
It’s behind the times. The federal government and 34 other states, including most of Illinois' neighbors, tax income at different rates based on people's ability to pay.
We need a fair tax for individuals and corporations, where higher rates apply to higher income levels, and lower rates to lower income levels.
A fair tax system is a key part of getting our state's priorities straight. Coupled with steps to cut waste, reduce mismanagement and ensure a more accountable government, it will allow us to protect priorities like education, public safety, and health care.
At the same time, we can stimulate the economy by easing the burden on the middle class-- the people who buy the products and services that lead to more jobs across the state, helping Main Street small businesses compete."

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