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Welcome to Free Spirits Community. This is not just a random meet up group to meet random people every time but we are through these meet ups trying to build up a great community of free men/ women, where age, gender, nationality, social class or any man made classification is hardly an impediment, where all are equal and free and through this community we can experience a whole range of places, activities, skills and experiences in life that makes our life richer, vibrant and alive and a life wholly worth looking back. Open arm welcome to all serious and decent people. Lets learn, talk and share and experience every shade and every beauty that life has to offer, complete, free & uninhibited.

Objective of the meet up:

“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.”

The whole idea of this meet up group is to be happy, create and share it and be forever in pursuit of hope, peace and excellence. To learn skills, upgrade knowledge, make profound connections, socialize, have a light hearted time, engage in intelligent discussions, heart to heart talks, plan movies, plays, concerts, sport events, adventure travel by rail, road and air in country as well as international destinations, learn new sports, arts and hobbies for the sake of experience rather than professional training, try new cuisines, new places, new adventures expand our horizons, find for yourself as much as be for others a spiritual and emotional support group for everyone in the community. The objective is to find, create & nurture a community for life, a big extended family, to be never left alone, unhappy and unsupported and lead a rich, vibrant, pulsating life worth looking back. This is not a group for walking-talking dead people with narrow and limited view of life lacking in energy and passion for life but for those who want to experience everything worthwhile in life before life makes them call quits. Through these meet ups we are trying to identify such people and bond with them for lifelong engagement and all others lacking in that passion and zest for life will be eliminated just like separating the wheat from the chaff. If you think your a potential worthy member of this group and aspire to experience and do everything worthwhile in life, engage with us to form our community. This can happen when we give as much as we expect. So take the initiative instead of being in your comfort zone and waiting for us or others.

Important points that every member must know:

The ambit & scope of activities are pretty wide and hence they are optional. Please feel free to participate only in those which match with your personality, interests and orientation.

We do not sell or promote any product, service or workshop like a lot of other meet up groups nor would ever allow anyone to hijack our agenda of “nirmal aanand” by their personal motives. Workshop and travel package sellers etc, please excuse us. Any kind of business or commercial or political promotion is not allowed in our group and will lead to permanent extermination.

We encourage healthy socializing amongst all irrespective of age, gender, social class but we are not a singles dating group and any heterosexual or homosexual flirting/ predating is not permitted under any circumstance. Any such conduct online or offline will lead to permanent extermination from the community. It doesn't matter whether you’re an introvert or extrovert.

We are seeking active and energetic members who bring with them their passion and zest for life and sharing the same with like minded others. Members who just join but do not actively participate, a minimum 2 meet up in every quarter would lose their membership.

To organize these meet up has a time, energy and money cost on the organizer. Nevertheless the membership is completely free and will always be. Third party cost such as museum/event/movie ticket, meals and travel etc cost are to be borne by every member.

We actively seek members who bring with them management skills and a quest to share and execute innovative ideas. We truly appreciate such members and such doable, exciting and meaningful proposals would be accepted. People who bring such ideas and have a desire to organize and lead others would be given the chance to host/lead/manage.

We do not believe in social stratification. As free men and woman, we do not discriminate on any man made classification. Please leave your pride and prejudices at home whenever you come to our meet ups. We don’t care whether one is a billionaire or an average man, studied @ Harvard or Govt. School. What matters for all is the dignity with which you conduct yourself and warmth and respect with which you treat others. Everyone at our meet up is a special person and must be treated with great respect.

Please do not lend/ borrow money to others in meet up.

Ladies please exercise your discretion in sharing your number or email with fellow members. Do so only if you really want to or else just politely decline by saying, No thanks. Your being a member doesn't makes you obligated to share contact information with other members unless you also want to. If anyone harasses you even slightly at our meet up or subsequently, we shall have little hesitation in debarring that member outrightly at your first reporting to us.

Please be very polite while posting comments/ seeking information. Derogatory remarks/ abusive language would not be accepted. Do not post unwarranted greetings or send unsolicited messages to other members. All indiscipline will be dealt decisively and firmly.

The Organizer may seek feedback and suggestion from members whenever required and you should always respond to such questions as a rule. In case of any dispute, disagreement, organizer's decision shall be final and binding upon all and the last word. If you have any grievance that you think is unfair, You can respectfully request or state your case over phone/email. Alternatively you can leave the group without losing a moment. Be fair, peaceful, objective, flexible and cooperative online or in meet ups offline. Do not show any ego/ attitude/impoliteness/negativity to us or any member. Such members will be permanently removed right away.

RSVP Guideline:

A lot of application for membership to our community are rejected when members through their profile answers/ interest list are unable to establish their genuine intent in becoming an active and healthy member of the group. Those who after joining the group, don't attend meetups, can be terminated anytime in 2/3 months without any prior notice. Please RSVP responsibly. If you are not able to make it to event after making an RSVP, change your RSVP at least 2 days prior to event. If you RSVP and don't turn up two times in a row, you will be out-rightly removed. No notice would be served. If the organizer or any of the event host calls you up for an event for which you've RSVPed you must be extremely polite and respectful to them. Being rude or display of attitude would lead to instant & permanent removal. Coming for less duration than the intended duration of meetup (things as, will hop in little late and will have to leave early) is usually not acceptable, however exceptions can be made in genuine cases by prior intimation to organizer/event host. We do the most unique and highly innovative meet ups that upgrades the experience. It is very important to value the community and the people who invest their time and money for no gain and those who do not understand and appreciate the same, it should be pretty firmly be made clear that such members do not deserve to stay in this community.

Whatsapp Group Guideline:

We have a main Whatsapp group titled Free Spirits Community and event specific sub-groups. Members will be added to event specific sub-groups if your RSVP'ed for any event when the Whatsapp group for same would be created. Members who turn up at events may also get added to main Whatsapp group depending upon seat availability as Whatsapp groups does not allow more than 100 members. To accommodate new members who are more active/ enthusiastic and confirmed for events, it might require some old members to be removed especially those who are not active on Whatsapp group and/or not turning up at events regularly. All other guidelines to be observed are same as already mentioned above.

At the end, it is important to realize that we are trying to build a positive and tightly held all-round support community for you and us both. If you don’t take sufficient initiative, be appreciative and encouraging of what we are trying to do, the idea of such a happiness bank and all round all life support community would remain a distant dream, an ideal of an idealist. The loss would be as much yours as much as ours. So do your bit in actively engaging with us and all others and be a regular active member of the community.

“If you go looking for a friend, you're going to find they're very scarce.

If you go out to be a friend, you'll find them everywhere.”

Future Plans:

Some of you may want to live for some time every year with other fellow members and live a free uninhibited life. And some of you particularly those eternally free spirits and single for life or those dreaming of retiring early may wish to live permanently in such a community. If we get active support from like minded people such as yours who also aspire for the same, then we hope to build an alternative community and give a permanent address to our community. It would fetch you the opportunity to live in the community’s home on hills (during summer) and near the sea (during winters) with other fellow members. You can play games, visit each other’s rooms or sit in the central hall and gossip, debate, joke, watch TV, go out for movies, plays, concerts, sports and live like a huge joint family of friends and fellow community members. You would be in possession of your room but if your family or work commitment pull you away from time to time, the room would be provided to the next member. Charges for Food, electricity, security guards and other maintenance charges have to be shared by community members as per actual cost.

Please note that currently we do not own any such premises on the hills or near the sea but the idea has been mooted with the objective of giving a permanent address to the community and to meet the aspiration of those who would now or in future want to live with fellow community member and learn and share the joys of life. All members who show an interest now would be consulted before finalizing such a property. If this sounds close to what you aspire, let us know at the earliest.

“Don't simply retire from something; have something to retire to.”


Facebook: To get pictures of our meet ups, on Facebook, here is the link below. Click on Like button on opening the page to get pictures after every meet up and stay connected.

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