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!! NO !! Alternative RE Investing Strategies (AREIS) on Dec 20, 2018
!! NO !! AREIS PM meeting in December, 2018. Happy Holidays!! If you're looking to explore ways to invest in real estate that don't involve tenants and toilets, try this group. It's a subgroup of Freedom First REIA, Ltd ( that fosters networking with like-minded people AND professionals that could be on YOUR success team. Try this meeting (or any of the FFREIA meetings) for free twice, so you can determine if being a part of this group fits into your business plans. Bring at least $5 for something to eat or drink - the Bay Front has a cover charge for the use of their space.

Bay Front Restaurant

1075 Empire Boulevard · Rochester, NY

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Whether you are a novice or a seasoned investor, we hope to provide a forum that will lead to your personal and financial growth. Real Estate is one of the most powerful tools to create and accumulate wealth. It is not a get rich quick scheme. Successful investors know that success can not happen alone. The key to true success is the right combination of knowledge, action and mentorship. That is what we foster through FFREIA. Our mission is to help others truly become free (in many facets of their life) and then create wealth through various real estate investing strategies. While R.E. will be the prime avenue it certainly will not be the only one. Our REIA’s pure focus is to empower those looking for true freedom. Freedom to: * Live the life you only dreamed of * Provide for those you care about, create “Generational Wealth” * Be able to give back in the way that you want to * Have the time, money and resources to live a successful life - as you define it * Discover your passion * Create a real estate business that helps all you come in contact with * Evaluate and exercise your options based on a decision of choice Freedom From: * Financial dependence * The fear of not being able to provide for you, your family and their futures * Negative mindset, and stress caused by a lack of control over your own destiny * The need to exchange time for money * Feeling helpless, powerless and being “Just Over Broke”

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