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The key focus of this group is enablement and instruction. Most of our meetings have been and will be classes with a few photo events for people to have fun taking pictures together. During these events I am available to assist anyone who needs help understanding how to get the best picture in that situation. is our place for posting your pictures.

A FREE multi-week introduction to photography. No camera required to attend. (Additional classes added as time and demand permit)

Session 1 - Basic camera functions and lens choice.
Session 2 - Indoor lighting, flash, continuous light, softboxes and umbrellas .
Session 3 - Outdoor lighting and shooting techniques, flash, HDR, long exposure.
Session 4 - Basic intro to Photoshop and Lightroom retouching and effects.
All sessions are 2 hours.

Each of the sessions will run from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM and are FREE with no obligation, nothing to buy or for sale.

All classes are 2 hours in length and combine instruction and hands on components. Bring your camera! Worth while even if you do not have a camera yet, you will be inspired to get one. Plus you can be a model for our exercises if you like.

Week 1- Basic camera functions

We will cover Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, and Manual mode. We will discuss and demonstrate the exposure triangle (ISO, Shutter Speed, and F-stop). We will discuss lens' and focal lengths. Bring your camera!

Week 1-B

I am hosting a Scott Kelby World wide photo walk. Let's take pictures at night with a tripod.

Week 2- Indoor lighting

We will discuss and demonstrate single and multiple flash setups, both on camera and off. We will demonstrate a wide variety of light modifiers including in-expensive "flash benders and light spheres" for on camera flash. We will demonstrate reflective and shoot through umbrella's, soft boxes and reflectors for flash and continuous lights as well as multi-flash setup to utilize a 7' reflective umbrella.

Week 2-B Fashion / Portraits

We will utilize the lighting techniques from the prior class to take some pictures!

Basic posing techniques will be demonstrated and discussed. Bring your camera!

Week 3-Outdoor lighting and shooting techniques

We will discuss and demonstrate High Dynamic Range (HDR), multiple exposure, time lapse, nighttime photo tips, Neutral density filters, reflectors, outdoor flash and lighting tips.

Week 4-Basic intro to Photoshop and Lightroom retouching and effects

Lightroom / Photoshop demonstration. Now that we have taken all of these pictures, let's take some of the best and make them better with basic editing and retouching tips. We will demonstrate how to remove objects, control exposure, contrast, color and blur. We will show how to do basic skin retouching and will show how to turn a color picture into a dramatic black and white.

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