What we're about

A very warm welcome to the group !

This group is for people who want to :

> Find certainty in uncertain relationships...
> resolve internal conflict in thoughts...
> train mind towards achieving peace...
> achieve freedom and focus in life...
> find your true identity...
> empower yourself towards greater purpose in life...
> share love & compassion...
> destroy anxiety and experience life at its best...

What to expect :

1) One to One coaching sessions (Your first session is FREE ).
2) All sessions will be online zoom call events - 40 mins.
3) A safe space where we maintain full confidentiality of information.
4) Tip from your coach every week - Check 'Discussions' section.

What you need to follow :

1) Value everyone's time, show up on time for a session.
2) If you want to cancel a registered session, please drop a message to the admin beforehand.
3) Check the event details before booking.

NOTE : If you don't show up after booking a FREE session for 2 times, the next session will be charged.

Like to know more details about coaching ?

Please feel free to message me personally or send an email to yourfirstlifecoach@gmail.com.

Visit : http://www.yourfirstlifecoach.com

I am very excited and looking forward to help you in your journey.


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