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QTown is a vlog that talks about Queer Culture and Real Estate in the Gayborhood. We have short video blogs that talk about LGBTQ+ owned businesses, events, and artists. Essentially topics that people always ask us as realtors when moving to a neighborhood, like where to shop, hot spots to hang out at, and where to find a date. We currently cover North Jersey and NYC and our goal is to bring awareness to support each other to build a LGBTQ+ community of wealth building and wealth giving back. Having said that, if you know of entrepreneurs/artists/events in the area, do let us know so we can vlog about them and thanks!

For example, here are a couple of recent vlogs from our youtube channel:

LGBTQ+ Artists/Entertainment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DuG27RZ40cQ&t=6s

Where to shop: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y0_saDyP_n4&list=UUiHe6fTWKT_ccz4HWjg7VxA&index=8

Where to live: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JCuO6DOVkuA&list=UUiHe6fTWKT_ccz4HWjg7VxA&index=1

As a fun way to meet each other in person, we host monthly Single Mingle events through Little Gay Book in NYC. If you are single and looking to network, find friends, or meet your future date, we hope you join us for the speed dating. Registration information can be found here: https://www.littlegaybook.com/lesbian-bisexual-speed-dating-new-york-city/ (https://meet.meetup.com/wf/click?upn=pEEcc35imY7Cq0tG1vyTtxpK1-2B45ciWBlZGUF3Wd4ek41BrGZXx-2FKH0RVhm0D77V3XoAx1ppJjx0ZaWW0PFND1kLPpAc72TtFz2OUM1JLJyTfveaSkSCQ4brHGbR3SFc_gGn-2FqTaSjHGWjlN8e7m6SjkAKCNMTnpELhm4ID3W6nsTb0dVBY-2BGJzUnPWVAGEPAbj2AOrcGYauK-2Bu8mc-2B4lYF9shNhZjZbvUxv6f-2FR0rX-2FbbQAeVYGDBf521Nl8m9ty-2FEZeYZuC7BWstAlY0TLz9cpPx9-2F56NLRLNAvR9R21FbiP4h7kCypHyL3wAw2vAaBCxiWbx84dK69O8PJ-2FVsflQ-3D-3D) Or you can come by for the free QTown After Parties 8-10PM where the party meets queer networking. We typically have guest performances by queer artists and it's a great way for everyone to mingle and meet each other.

As the NYC host for Little Gay Book Single Mingle events and the founder of QTown, I would like to personally thank you for remaining in our group. Please do help us spread the word and should you know of someone who has real estate needs anywhere in the country, do let us know as we'd be happy to say hello.

Lisa Iancin “L.I.”

Queer Connector/Realtor


ourqtown.com (https://meet.meetup.com/wf/click?upn=-2FOQMKheWxPpabLZm3lMDwHdA2rnAIRCpxLp4Us5HtIg-3D_gGn-2FqTaSjHGWjlN8e7m6SjkAKCNMTnpELhm4ID3W6nsTb0dVBY-2BGJzUnPWVAGEPARX5lh48Upal6tK0sEu1nALUq8mWrqpj7ZF-2Bm8KraHb9-2FiL4Vs1wX-2BuRMLCQrlvXSkVd731FNK-2FoYxv8lI-2BXmYTlZZYMdkO00jneYc5YS6KDWTn2VUxiHf-2B36gq0EYSewYhIgtsMhdovHTFO05TSA-2BA-3D-3D)

Instagram: @qtowncommunity

Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiHe6fTWKT_ccz4HWjg7VxA?view_as=subscriber


https://ci5.googleusercontent.com/proxy/L70oHOAYoIW12GIx8L86dq2xwHXwbcHYjtNWVZfinEq2OdzwJhTT-b5u9QCxg3x7GmWdv5mtwA-PGXPHennmghA-FTPnGURW3iDfQhfeYOwo0Q_j44XhOT309hEclDNrxv0m=s0-d-e1-ft#https://drive.google.com/uc?id=1x3HQeDaX-wfv43enN0OUXCPJ0yhlMKrH&export=download https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/k8LSrXcWOGjppy70WXnjIp4hPf1TVhjNwUk097tNR_YN-59V4IU5HP2uRzTcsGhnDkXzb4MrGu4oYLB0ZWoN8fftUTSRMITMjMJv4aSD2mNBJLVSH7PfRsKlJA0DY8BVSiMjfyC5 https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/V2HRtRc-SeHl8uNoDqGLCsnftcaPo3jn8B4dgGeQHM7jJLBZPM493cfoj3LCYpvmg4qsVpESlu9YEocxtyqkrBkWYUd8PU_T7oAB5BjgncTdYCgb1H56tvEfppOmUvq_CqO3BnNi

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