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Nomad Night: About storytelling
In this special event of ours, we've invited 2 digital nomads from the Netherlands to share their thoughts on location independent lifestyle and storytelling, which we all know is a key factor in every company marketing communication. The event will be in English. Come and join us on July 24th 18-20:00 at KAPTAR Coworking office where you'll be able to meet new people, get inspired and create your own story. Our guests: Bodei Brouwer I am a wandering storyteller. When I was 13 our teacher asked us to make a scrapbook with ideas and dreams about what our lives should look like. While everyone else wrote about finishing school, finding a job, getting married and having children I had a different approach. I made a planning of all the places I wanted to live in the world: a few years in Paris, some time in San Fransisco, a little while in Mexico city etc. I had no idea how possible that dream actually was. I'm happily homeless and work full time while on the road. I'm a corporate storyteller specialised in public speaking. I help my clients make sure that everyone is hanging on their every word and will remember their story afterwards. When I'm not talking, I'm writing. And Jantien Klein Ikink Jantien is a digital nomad from the Netherlands. She doesn’t have a home base and travels the world while doing her work. She trains entrepreneurs and companies in creative writing and telling their business story. Besides that, she writes for newspapers, magazines, her own blog and at this moments she is writing her second book that will be published this fall. Please register here. Entrance fee: 5000 HUF/person, what we spend on creating even more exciting events. Come and join us for this talk at KAPTAR Coworking!


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