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We're building JAM: Joy's Art Machine to take to Alchemy, the Georgia Burn!

The JAM is a machine that distributes art. This project was fully funded by the Alchemy community. We are on track to collect somewhere between 200-300 pieces of art to distribute, including works by Catlanta and Evereman. We are actively collecting works of art, so if you're interested in contributing, you can email Joy at .

The JAM explores two of the 10 core Burning Man principles: Decommodification and Gifting. We express Gifting by distributing art through the machine. Gifting trees are a familiar sight at Burns, but suffer from accumulating trash or trinkets. By gifting art (a gift in itself) we create a sort of on-demand gifting tree. We express Decommodification by not allowing the JAM to accept money. Instead, art is distributed by the machine on a timer. The machine lights up, and you push a button to receive art.

In this JAM Session, we've got many different things to work on, and a lot of this work can be done by small teams independently.

- We'll measure and figure out where the carousel "cartridge" needs to go, and build a small "shelf" for it
- Measure where the access panel goes
- Design and construct the "chute"
- Paint the frame, which is primed and ready to go
- Hacking on the Arduino to control the button and lights via timer
- (If available) Create stencils using the laser cutter from the vector graphics

If these things don't work for you, you're more than welcome to be one of our contributing artists! Feel free to come to the space to create some art that will be gifted out of the machine. We're on track to have over 200 pieces of art, which is a piece of art every 21 minutes! We also could use an extra photographer documenting our progress.

Light snacks and drinks provided, with a suggested donation of $5 to Freeside for hosting the event.

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