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What we’re about

noun / free • think • er
A person who thinks freely or independently. One who forms opinions on the basis of reason independently of authority; especially one who rejects or is skeptical of religious dogma

Freethinkers Association of Central Texas (FACT) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in San Antonio, TX. Our goals are to resist threats against the separation of church and state, support science-based curriculum and education, and promote positive atheism by engaging and educating the community at large about non-theism.

Our members include atheists, agnostics, skeptics, secular humanists, and those who support freethinking. We offer a safe, friendly environment for non-believers to socialize and facilitate discussions, provide access to educational speakers, and organize an array of community service opportunities and family friendly activities.

If you’re a critical thinker who prefers to determine truth by replacing tradition, authority, and superstition with evidence, logic, and reason, FACT is here for you!

Visit us on our website at, on Facebook @FreethinkersOf, on Twitter @FreethinkersOf, on Instagram @freethinkersof, or on Youtube.