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Hi there. These days we're a social group. Many of us are comfortable being called atheists. Some aren't, preferring the agnostic title. (Though I don't think any of the atheists consider themselves gnostic.) Honestly though, we don't care what belief you bring to the table as long as you don't expect us to accept it without evidence that has been properly examined. (Which probably means peer review.) Anyway, we get together in friendly, open gatherings without agenda or forethought. We have two such gatherings each week, one on Wednesday and one on Friday.

Wednesday's is an a more focused crowd for those looking to have a thought provoking discussion. Though topics vary and are open if you have something you want to bring up. The target is meaningful conversation.

The Friday Hang-Out is, get this, just about hanging out. We laugh and carry on a bit. Conversation is varied and friendly. Most nights we'll discuss movies, current events, music, the complications of our individual daily lives, venting about our week, and sometimes even religion. Yes, all of those. Yes, every Friday. The good news is that if one conversation isn't your thing you can move over to a different one.

While the bulk of the Friday crowd is your typically geeky atheist type we also have an official token Christian, a second Christian still at a junior token level, a couple of occasionals that want to stick with the 'agnostic' title, and who or whatever happens to show up that night.

We also occasionally do other things. Most commonly we'll have a 'Movie Night' at a members house, always fun. Once or twice each summer we usually do a float trip on one of the nearby rivers. We also, usually, try to plan the occasional camping trip in spring or fall. Oh, and if you are planning to hit one of the growing numbers of conventions that cater to this kind of crowd you can probably find people to carpool with.

Most importantly, I would like anyone that is moving away from religion or just really looking to talk to someone else in the bible belt that doesn't believe to feel directly invited to join us. We'll let you vent, commiserate with you, share our stories, or whatever it is you might be needing. We are here to be what the title says, a community.

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