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#2 NEW CAMERA? Digital Basics! -- $10 fee

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Intimidated by the complexity of your new (OR old!) camera? In this meetup we can discuss the meaning of many of the most important symbols and controls AND where they might be useful to the curious photographer.

For more experienced photographers we can answer questions about features you HAVEN'T YET USED on your camera, but want to know how and when.

We'll define camera controls in terms of the BENEFITS they bring to some of the picture improvements you want to make.

We'll also discuss some camera settings and techniques useful for casual shooting, parties, events.

Want BRIGHTER pictures? DARKER pictures? SHARPER pictures? Are you MISSING shots because your camera didn't take the photo WHEN you wanted? We'll demonstrate remedies.

Concepts and controls: Exposure compensation, aperture, shutter, ISO, M, A, S, P, Av, Tv, histogram, autofocus vs. manual focus, Full Auto mode vs. Program mode, soft focus backgrounds, built-in flash

Please note: No-shows continue to be a PROBLEM. No-shows push SERIOUS attendees onto the waiting list, and prevent good folks from attending. The fee is to reduce/eliminate NO SHOWS. Thanks for your concern and consideration.



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