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This group is for photography hobbyist to professionals. The only requirements are you have a camera and want to connect with other people that share your photography interest. What type of photography do we shoot? Anything and everything, events, landscapes, street photography, etc... We also have social activities where we can share work, talk about techniques and gear, and come up with ideas for future meetup shoots and projects.

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See Great Photos and Learn from Their Critique!

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See great photographs and improve your own photos by listening to an experienced photographer provide feedback on images submitted by members of the Fremont Photographic Society. This month’s images will be in the categories of Pictorial Color, Pictorial Monochrome, Creative and Nature as well as the special category “Doors and/or Gates”. Attendance is FREE.

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To join by phone, find your local number: https://us02web.zoom.us/u/kcPOhu3iIN

You can share your photos with an appreciative audience and get feedback on your own images by joining the Society. We are a group of photographers from the Fremont, Union City and Newark, California Area of all levels of ability who strive to help each other improve our enjoyment of photography and improve our pictures. To learn more and to join see https://fremont.photoclubservices.com. Members get notified of all events and get to skip the registration process.

This month’s critiques will be provided by Jane Postiglione.Jane has been shooting images since she received her first Brownie camera at age 11. In undergraduate school Jane used a medium format 2 ¼ Minolta twin lens reflex film camera with a handheld light meter, learned to develop film, and produce black and white prints.

In 2004 Jane discovered Camera Clubs and I went digital using cropped sensor and then full frame DSLRs with a range of lens, and postprocessed images with Photoshop and Lightroom.

She has been a member of the Contra Costa Camera Club since 2004 and acted as its Vice President, President, PSA Representation, and Member at Large.

In addition, Jane have served on the Northern California Council of Camera Club Board as Vice President, President and Secretary, and has been Co-Director of several 3-day FotoClave events.

After attending a N4C new judges’ seminar in 2014, Jane started judging photography competitions and exhibits in 2015.

You can view more of her work at her website: http://www.photographybypost.com.

Philosophy: “As a Photographer, I believe it is important to consciously select visually interesting subject matter with appealing compositional elements, shoot at the best time of day to portray the image, use the best technical parameters to capture the image and tell the subject’s story - capture the subject’s essence - all while demonstrating a personal visual style or signature that sets your work apart from the work of others. I acknowledge that evaluating and judging photography and art is subjective, yet I believe there are certain universal aesthetic principles and guidelines, which apply to all artworks.”

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