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Want to improve your spoken French and how much you understand?

This group is perfect for English-speaking learners of FRENCH from Beginner to Advanced levels.

You'll be matched by levels so you'll never feel too bored or too lost. We will keep each sub-group small so you can get more out of each session.

A bilingual native French teacher will be on hand to guide the conversation and help through those awkward silences and share the speaking time with the more introverted participants.

Designed for busy lives so we will have varying days/times to suit different time zones.

Some MeetUps will be in person and others online to help include more motivated learners regardless of where they live or their timetable.

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French Online Masterclass - How to Ask Questions in French

From your computer, tablet or smart phone


Want to be able to have everyday simple conversations in French? This is your chance! Ever feel like you could write out what you want to say but the SPEAKING part is challenging? Perhaps you joined this group but haven't DARED to come to one of our practice session yet due to lack of CONFIDENCE i.e What will I possibly be able say to a stranger in French? I often find with Beginners/Lower Intermediate French learners that they can say a little about their lives, family, work and interests but... They struggle to keep the conversation flowing by asking good coherent questions. I'm here to help! This is why I've created this masterclass. Join us for this Masterclass and Practice: Together we will: 45mins - learn together in the first hour then 45 mins - practice for the rest with practical activities to use those skills amongst the group. DON'T MISS OUT and RSVP today. Our last masterclass sold out. You will leave feeling more confident about your ability to hold a conversation in French! I'm so excited to deliver this to members of this MeetUp at such an affordable price as I know how crucial this will be to help with your confidence. Please note that - if you can already speak confidently, ask any question in French that you can think of in English and be understood easily when you speak to a French person, this isn't for you - please come to our monthly PRACTICE session instead! If you're unsure if this is for you, please click 'Send a message to the organiser' and I'm happy to discuss with you. Merci, Devy xxx PS: To participate, you'll just need a computer with a webcam and I'll email you the workbook before the masterclass.

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Learn and Practice French Online (February) - Topic "J'aime ..."

From your computer, tablet or smart phone


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