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If you love the French language, this group is for you! Once a month, generally every last Friday of the month, French speakers and french language lovers gather at the French Institute of Michigan, in Bloomfield to watch a French movie, sip some wine and share their thoughts about the movie. This meetup is for all levels of French and the movies all have English subtitles. This is a nice way to start the weekend and to practice your French in a very friendly environment. The movie sessions are from 6:30pm to 8:30pm and there is an $8 fee per event that you can pay once there ($6 if you are a member of the French Institute).

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Couscous dinner and four African Short films

Alliance Française de Detroit / French institute of Michigan

YOU MUST REGISTER FOR THIS EVENT THROUGH THE AFD/FIM WEBSITE! RSVPing to this page is not sufficient to reserve your place. You must register for this event no later then Wednesday, March 20th. No tickets will be available at the door! To register for this event, click on the following link: https://afmichigan.extranet-aec.com/events/detail/307 March 23rd at 7:00 pm In honor of the month of La Francophonie, we are hosting a special movie night of four African short films and a couscous dinner. The films include: Afrique sur Seine by Paulin Soumanou Vieyra and Mamadou Saar Les Avalés du Grand Bleu by Maxime Kossivi Tchincoun Madama Esther by Luck Razanajaona Petite Lumière by Alain Gomis $20 for members and $25 for non-members

Special Movie Night: Hochelaga, Land of Souls

Alliance Française de Detroit / French institute of Michigan

YOU MUST REGISTER FOR THIS EVENT THROUGH THE AFD/FIM WEBSITE! RSVPing to this page is not sufficient to reserve your place. To register for this event, click on the following link: https://afmichigan.extranet-aec.com/carts/view Thursday March 28th at 7:00-pm at the French Institute This is a special movie screening to celebrate the month of La Francophonie! 2017 Canadian historical drama film directed and written by François Girard and starring Gilles Renaud, Samian and Tanaya Beatty. Dramatizing several centuries of Quebec history and the local history of Montreal in particular, the story depicts Quebec archaeology revealing the past of indigenous peoples, explorers and 1837 rebels. Plot: “In the aftermath of a hard-fought battle between Indigenous warriors in 1267, when many Iroquoians were killed on the “Isle of Death”, an Iroquois prophet gives the massacre’s lone survivor the name Asigny. Centuries later, Asigny’s descendant Baptiste Asigny is a graduate student studying Mohawk history. Baptiste struggles to pay rent and obtain research grants while studying under the Université de Montréal archaeology professor Antoine Morin. One night, a rainstorm opens a sinkhole in the field during a game at McGill University‘s Percival Molson Memorial Stadium, killing one player. Observing the development, Morin theorizes the sinkhole may lead to evidence of Hochelaga, where French explorer Jacques Cartier contacted Indigenous peoples in Quebec. Morin obtains an order from the Ministry of Culture to be allowed to dig and hires Baptiste to lead an archaeological excavation of the field. The archaeologists dig over several days, finding the “Isle of Death” was the site of a “purple fever” outbreak in 1687. French settler Étienne Maltais is involved in a sexual affair with a native woman named Akwi. He vows to marry her next year, not before God, but the Great Spirit. She notices sores on his body, which he dismisses as injuries caused by a fall during a hunt. Maltais falls gravely ill of purple fever and is committed to a hospital, where the Catholic chaplain and nuns accuse him of fornicating with a “savage”, sin and apostasy. He resolutely orders them to stop haranguing him. Baptiste finds the sinkhole is located over a stream and finds weapons he believed could have belonged to Patriote rebels during the Lower Canada Rebellion in 1837. The two Patriotes had fled British loyalist forces led by Colonel Philip Thomas. They came upon the Walker property, though archaeologists note Mr. Walker had been firmly loyalist. However, the widowed Sarah Walker gives the Patriotes sanctuary. The Patriotes are discovered and killed by the loyalists. Mrs. Walker tells Thomas that due to her advanced age, she does not believe she will ever go to trial. At the end of the dig, Baptiste finds the cross of explorer Jacques Cartier, who arrived to Hochelaga in 1535, claiming the land for the Kingdom of France. Cartier met with the chief Tennawake and presented him with the cross. The meeting is peaceful, though Tennawake and his people consider that more Europeans will come to Hochelaga. Cartier names the land Mont Réal (royal mountain). The football team returns to the field, and six years after the sinkhole opened Morin congratulates Baptiste on his research.” Watch the trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oArz1hEwwtY FREE for members*/$5 for non-members * You must still register for this event through the AFD/FIM website even though it is free. Register by clicking on the following link: https://afmichigan.extranet-aec.com/carts/view

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Movie Night: Cherchez la Femme

Alliance Française de Detroit / French institute of Michigan

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