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Parlez-vous français? We are a group of native and non-native French speakers who appreciate any opportunity to speak French!

If you are anywhere from intermediate level to fluent, then this is a great place to meet others who love to speak French! Native and fluent speakers, you will find plenty of company, and you are the heartbeat of our group. For those who have had some college level French, and are comfortable enough conversing in French, this is the place for you.

If you are a beginner, don't worry! Languages are all about exposure - join us and you will get the opportunity to have regular exposure to french, right here at the Tampa bay. We meet twice a week(!) so there is plenty of exposure. From my personal experience, this does wonders to your level of French. Group events include French films, dinners at local restaurants, or casual French conversation at local coffeeshops.

There is no membership fee for this group except for a nominal fee to help with what charges me as an organizer. You are certainly invited to attend 2-3 meetings with the group before you make your contribution. Fees are waived for native french speakers - If you are Native - please send me a note via meetup messaging by clicking on my name, so that I can mark you exempt.

Bon...devenez membre du groupe et parlez francais avec nous!

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