French Vocabulary Workshop / L'atelier de vocabulaire français


As in all our workshops, our goal is to get you speaking French fluently and correctly. This particular workshop concentrates on vocabulary, oral comprehension and conversation skills in French. We'll often be using audio and video recordings for ear training. There will also be lots of personalized correction. Please note that this workshop is for intermediate or advanced level speakers. Beginners are welcome to sit in but will find the material challenging.

The venue for the workshop is at the Milton B - Cafétéria Urbain. Please note that the price of the workshop itself is $10. The Milton B - Cafétéria Urbaine does not charge anything but expects everybody to order something before the workshop. Please note that the contents of the two Saturday workshops are different. For a real boost, many people follow both workshops.

Dans cet atelier supplémentaire de conversation française, nous allons porter une attention particulière à la compréhension orale, au vocabulaire et à l'amélioration de l'expression orale.

L'atelier a lieu dans une salle de réunion de la Milton B - Cafétéria Urbaine. Veuillez noter que l'atelier coûte 10 $. Le café ne demande rien si ce n'est de commander quelque chose avant le début de l'atelier.