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Healy, the next evolution of Holistic Bioenergetic Healing and Wellness.

"Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies." — Albert Einstein

Hi, my name is John Scevola and I'm a Healy World International Distributor and Sponsor. My wife Misty and I have studied and practiced Energy Therapy Protocols and Modalities for over 30 years. I am also the author of 3 Motivational "Wealth Manifestation" books available at Amazon. My wife is a Homeopathic doctor and also practices Applied Kinesiology and Frequency Healing.

"Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies." — Albert Einstein

Well, the future Einstein referred to is here! The Healy is the next evolution of Holistic Bioenergetic Health and Wellness. The amazing German developed and manufactured Healy is a unique, life-changing, wearable, "smartphone controlled," FDA cleared Class II Medical Device. It is arguably the most advanced personal health and wellness aid on the planet for you and your family. The Healy is more affordable, versatile, and powerfully effective compared to any other remotely comparable bioenergetic, bioresonance, biofeedback, quantum, frequency, Spooky2, frequency specific microcurrent, homeopathic, PEMF, magnetic, energy therapy/healing device in the world.

When you discover what a Healy can do you will think that it is too good to be true. But, the Healy is the “real deal.” Over the last 14 years the Healy bioenergetic frequency technology (16 patents) has been tested and utilized by 2,000+ physicians and healt therapists, in 45 countries, on 500,000+ patients.The Healy was finally launched in the US the first of May, 2020 to staggering sales numbers and exponentially growing demand.

The extraordinary Healy Resonance Frequency Package utilizes a unique patented Quantum Sensor that can scan and analyze, using AI (Artificial Intelligence), the Bionenergetic Balance of your body. It can then recommend and apply appropriate frequency balancing/supportive therapies from a database of over 300,000 frequencies.

The Healy has tested frequencies available for the support of: Pain, Stress, Sleep, Energy, Mental Balance, Emotional Balance, Fitness, Learning, Memory, Job, Aging, Beauty, Skin, Hair Libido, Bioenergetic Balance, Nutrition, Weight Management, Meridians, Chakras, EMF Protection, and much more

You can find Healy information and pricing at www.Wearable FrequencyHealing.com

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