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Ho Ho Hopeful! (surviving the holidays with a narcissist)
If I have heard it once I have heard it 1000 times, "Why do the toxic people, narcissists, emotional abusers in my life make the holidays absolutely miserable?" "I am glad when the holidays are over because the stress level goes down - at least a little." "I wish there was never such a thing as holidays, birthdays, or celebrations because they ruin every bit of joy that I try to get out of them.... EVERYTIME!!!!!" Does this sound familiar as the "HAPPY HOLIDAY" season draws closer? I am sorry about the fact that the holidays do not feel as joyful as they seem to be for others, however, if you are one who has one or more toxic relationships in your life then there is a rather simple explanation for this. I have been there and I understand the struggle. In this workshop I will give you a holiday guide to help you not only be prepared but also maybe even enjoy the holidays for a change. The thing to remember about the toxic person is that they like to control everything from the gifts that are given to the money spent, from the locations of the gathering to the people welcome, from the dinner menu to the amount of merriment and happiness others experience during this mystical magical horribly stressful and panic ridden season of JOY! I too lived like this once... dreading the entire holiday season and wanting to stick my head in the sand until it was over. I felt "Ho Ho Hopeless" Let turn that around, know that the holidays can indeed be "HO HO HOPEFUL"

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    Have you been married, involved with, worked for, lived with, related to or even associated with an emotionally manipulative personality or someone with a true narcissist personality? I bet it was one of the darkest and most difficult times of your life. Relationships like these cause low self esteem, low self worth, difficulty making decisions, fear of moving forward, insufficient self care, difficulties in other relationships.

    This group is designed for women who have been effected by narcissism, emotional abuse, and toxic relationships in their past and who are striving to stand up after the tear down. Learn how to take care of yourself, make yourself a priority, take pride in who you are, and be who you were meant to be!

    This is a POSITIVE and empowering group lead by a recovered narcissistic relationship graduate. Here in this group we concentrate on forward motion and spend time on awareness understanding and healing.

    We have spent enough time on the toxic people in our lives NOW it is time to concentrate on YOU!!!

    Make yourself the priority of your own life.

    You can reach me in several ways if you have questions. Follow this link to download and take my "Toxicity Profile Analysis to evaluate which areas of toxicity you are having the most struggle with. After taking it you can submit it to my office for evaluation and schedule a follow-up to go over your personal level of the effects the toxic relationship has had on your life. Sometimes it helps to understand why you are feeling the way you are and how to take the first step forward to becoming "you" again. (Follow up appointments do have an office fee however it has been the best step for many to get moving in the right direction.)

    You can also follow me on facebook: (

    It is my mission to make aware as many as I can about the toxic relationship, provide programs to educate and strengthen the confidence and self worth in those who have been torn down, and be a happy inspiration of hope to those yet trapped within the cycle!

    Looking forward to hearing your story,

    dr heidi

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