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Circle #2 - Befriending Money

I am thrilled to welcome our Guest Facilitator for February Denise Hughes to the Fresh Intuition Women's Circles.

So many of us bring the qualities of fear, deep shame and inadequacy to our money lives. No wonder we don’t have a close, loving, and supportive relationship with money. This Circle will touch on the stories we tell ourselves that prevent us from having a loving, friendly relationship with money and then how to re-write our story, creating a relationship based on love, respect, caring, and understanding. Yes, the same qualities you bring to other relationships in your life!

Denise works at the intersection of heart, money and soul. She knows how to access a client’s emotional landscape in order to create change on his or her financial landscape. Her focus: The art of mixing possibility thinking, visioning, and mature money behaviors to create a unique financial masterpiece. Her magic touch: She brings creative, right-brain thinking to the canvas of numbers, sprinkling the process with lightness, un-shaming, huge doses of inspiration, and compassion.

Denise is the author of Earn, Save, Spend, Give ( and you can read more about Denise and her business here at .