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Welcome! Fresno Area Christian Singles are a fellowship of Christian Singles who’s mission is to encourage and advance member to become more like Jesus and live a life pleasing to God. Although we are not perfect, we expect members to learn scriptural teachings, demonstrate well balanced biblical principals and follow the Meetup rules.

This is not a dating site, but should friendships develop Into more serious relationships, we expect the intent is to become Godly committed marriages, not hookups. No member should intentionally harm another with malice.

Let’s meet to plan fun events, network and uplift fellow singles and single again Christians to develop closer relationships with God. Join us to plan new events or anounce area gatherings that your Christian church or Christian groups are planning.

We each have spiritual gifts we can share that will help us better function as the body of Christ, bless others and help us grow in Christ.

Please share your Meetup ideas for this group to help us celebrate our singleness. If you need to contact me by text/phone, call 559-900-6732 but be patient as as I may not answer texts quickly. It would be very helpful if you would voluntarily provide me your cell number, held confidentially, to facilitate activity coordinations.

Complaints from members about other members actions will be investigated and appropriate action taken, including termination of membership

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Feed the homeless

1836 North Dara Ave Clovis CA 93619

Mike is feeling well enough to do feeding the homeless and called to say it’s back on for September. So save time in your schedule to join us to feed the homeless
Meet to make sandwich lunches and deliver to homeless. Share God's love to the unfortunate


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Potluck, Billards, Games and Swimming

Scottsmens Apartments ,

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