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Do you like Board Games? Do you like alcohol? Well boys and girls, you have come to the right place. Welcome to Fresno Board Games and Booze. A group dedicated to bringing people together over their favorite games, and their favorite alcoholic beverage. How does it work? Each month I will host a potluck style game night at my home, where we each bring our favorite games, and favorite alcoholic beverages. That simple. The group will also meet at other Board Game and booze friendly establishments, as well as other events, just to keep it spicy.

This will be a great place to meet new people, play that game that has been gathering dust in your closet, and become exposed or expose someone else to that Yugoslavian craft beer people can't stop talking about.

Update: 10/2017 a few guidlines for this group...(Unfortunately some incidents have happened in the past which now warrant them)

GUIDELINES (Rules of Conduct)

1) This is NOT a dating or singles “hook up” group. The harassing or stalking of members will result in you being banned from this group.

2) Inactivity in the group for three months or more may result in you being removed from this group. In addition to this, members who haven’t attended an event in over a year will be assumed to be a bot and removed as a non participant of this group. (You did join this group to particpate and play games...right?🤔)

3) Being disrepectful toward group leaders or fellow members may cause you to be removed and banned from the group. (This also includes trying to get inviduals intoxicated for ulterior motives)

4) When consuming alcohol, we ask that everyone please drink responsibly. We want everyone to have a good time and make it home safely, so we can see you again for the next event.

5) Consistantly not showing up for events after submitting a RSVP will cause you to be removed from the group. Group leaders should be given respect for taking time out of their day to host events for members. After all, we are all adults here and should be held accountable for our own actions and commitments.

6) If you live over 50 miles away or out of state, please do not join this group. It’s designed for locals only. (You will also be declined entry into the group if your profile location reflects this guideline)

7) When guests are allowed, they too are expected to follow this groups guidelines or will be asked to leave (so far we’ve never had to so let’s keep it like that 👍🏻😊). Guests MUST be 21+ to attend events

8) Please have a clear profile photo of yourself prior to joining this group because you will most likely not be approved without one.
This is a safety issue for our hosts!
So we know whom to expect at our events. (Especially when they’re hosted at private residences)

9) If you’re signing up as a couple, it would be best for you to consider having two separate profiles on here instead since some events we host will have very limited seating. Because of this we may not allow members to add to their RSVP. Thus the settings will only allow current members via first come first served and only one RSVP per member.

10) Regarding COVID-19, everyone attending private events in this group is EXPECTED to be fully vaccinated before submitting a RSVP. We’re not here asking for your opinion on the issue whether you agree with it or not, this is just how it’s gonna be. Nobody is making you join this group and on the same note, no one is making you go out and get vaccinated too. You are joining this group and respecting its rules with your own free will.

You must acknowledge these guidelines/Rules of Conduct or you will not be allowed to join this group.

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