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Such a powerful way to de-stress your body, keep you healthy and enjoy peace-of-mind!

There are different styles of yoga to fit your need. Yoga can be all about the relaxation. Or, yoga is a great way to maintain your fitness. Or crank up the energy and get into great shape with a style of yoga that can be an incredible workout. Not flexible? no worries, that's the most common thing we hear from people that have never practiced yoga. Improve your flexibility even if you have never been flexible. Yoga helps your experience with every activity you are involved in.

We have all known stressful times in our lives, and I can say from personal experience that yoga has been a great way to channel the stress. Because yoga helps you connect to yourself on so many levels, you become more in-tune with your lifestyle choices. What I mean by saying that, is that we pay more attention to what kind of foods we eat & drink and how they affect our well-being both physically, mentally even emotionally. You pay attention to the interaction you have in your personal relationships, work relationships and family. We get more motivated to care about our health and our families health. You find yourself looking in the mirror occasionally not to check you hair but to check your posture. ^_^

Stress comes in all forms, good and bad. We learn how to UN-learn being a sponge to the daily stress we all have to deal with in everyday living! Yoga can also be amazingly healing. New/old injuries, back problems, general aches and pains, headaches, balance issues, depression, addictions, lack of energy, distracted mind and lots more. And the best thing is that it's not a pill!

The only side effect is better health !

If you're new to yoga, realize that yoga is NOT a religion, and you don't have to have a perfect body or perfect coordination and you do NOT have to be flexible. And you don't have to have the perfect yoga outfit. You don't have to know anything about yoga at all to learn it. Yoga is PERFECT for every body, and anybody can do yoga!

We look forward to seeing you. Have fun!

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