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What we’re about

    Calling all investors! Deal Seekers is an amazing community of like minded people who are interested in real estate investing at all levels - from beginners who are just learning the ropes to pros who have been at it for over a decade. This group is an opportunity for colleagues to get together and talk about what's happening in real estate locally, share success stories and learning opportunities, and generally learn more about the industry from others, while making great connections and having fun talking about our favorite subject - real estate investing! 

    But that's just the beginning. This is an environment that fosters deal making and this meetup group is for serious investors. Beginners are more than welcome to join us for discussion, but understand that the primary focus of this group is to find deals, connect to investment partners and seize upon opportunities. Members are encouraged to bring deals to the table for peer review and partnerships. 

    Access to hard money and private money may available to members who can present solid deals that investors like. Contractors,  wholesalers, lenders, builders, and investors all have roles to play in taking a project from start to finish - and this is where you line up your power team. As partnerships form, you can volunteer for an unassigned role - and as the pieces lock into place, we will have an investment team ready to move forward on real projects. 

    Hear lectures from experienced industry leaders as they share their expertise along each step of the process - from forming LLC's, to analyzing properties , to obtaining hard money financing - you will not only get informed, but learn how to incorporate that into your own investment strategies for real world results. How many times have you left an investment meetup feeling like the information was good - but no real direction on how to implement it? This is a frustration felt by many investors who just want the opportunity to not only learn but to put that knowledge into action. Our weekly meetings will keep the momentum going so that you stay on track and motivated - and to provide plenty of opportunities to network with other investors and get exposure to more deals.

   For the year of 2018, our goal is to continue to form  strategic partnerships within the group to increase our purchasing power and use the leverage of crowdfunding to get a project off the ground. To find the project, each week we will analyze a new REAL deal currently available for sale, run the numbers,  and talk about the different angles of attack and possible ways to approach it.  If you're a deal seeker - Come join the club!

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