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It can be very hard to question the LDS church and transitioning members are a special group of people. If you used to be a Latter Day Saint, but no longer consider yourself such, or are still one but thinking of leaving, or simply no longer feel “correlated”, check us out.

Our goal is for this group to bring Transitioning Mormons together for laughs and serious discussions about this fascinating culture/religion we are apart of. I am looking to provide opportunities for, and create friendships with, people who relate to the conflicted experiences and feelings that accompany shifts away from orthodox belief, and are looking for constructive and positive ways to move forward.

Depending on the response, I would love to get together for social gatherings as well as look for ways to grow as a community. I aim to create a vibrant community committed to helping each other:

• Navigate the ebbs and flows of changing Mormon identity with love and grace.

• Find ways to keep family and church relationships positive and loving, regardless of level of activity within Mormonism.

• Help our children navigate constructive, moral paths independent of whether or not they go to church.

• Engage in activities that foster friendships, personal growth and edification. (Indeed, you may say that we would like to follow the “admonition of Paul” by seeking after things that are true, honest, just, pure, lovely, virtuous, praiseworthy or of good report.)

Come join us!

This group welcomes all unorthodox Mormons or post Mormons committed to growing a positive, respectful community: Progressive. LGTBQ. Feminist. Agnostic. Atheist. Transitioning. Mixed-faith. Post. Etc. This group is a work-in-progress, but I are excited about the potential for friendship, support, personal growth and fun.

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John Dehlin is coming to California!

Needs a location

Saturday "coffee"

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Transitions Retreat in Orange County

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Meet up this weekend!!

Riverpark South Starbucks