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Have you had a spiritual experience?
Meet other people who have had experiences like you.

* Dreams
* Past-life recall or having a sense that you have lived before
* Out-of-body (near-death/ Soul Travel)
* Seeing an inner light
* Hearing an inner sound
* Inner guide (angel, spiritual master, voice)
* Knowingness (intuition, coincidence, déjà vu)
* Divine love (from a family member, friend, pet, etc.)
* Sense of oneness or loving presence
* Connection with all life

We meet to share and discuss spiritual experiences and topics in a friendly, welcoming, neutral environment. People from all backgrounds and faiths are welcome. Talking with others can help us to understand what these experiences mean. We also discuss techniques to further explore our inner worlds.
(All meetings are free of charge and open to the public.)

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DREAM Insight from PAST LIVES & How They Affect Our Lives Today!

Have You Wondered How DREAM Insights from PAST LIVES Can Affect Our Lives Today? Tip: On Past-Life Study "To awaken past-life dreams, make a note of what things you greatly like or dislike. Do that also with people. Then watch your dreams. Also note if a certain country or century attracts you. There is a reason." ~ Harold Klemp, The Art of Spiritual Dreaming, p. 72 Let's Explore... *Have You Had A Past Life Dream or Experience? *Are DREAMS REAL Experiences or Our Subconscious Mind? *How Do Past Lives Affect Our Daily Life? *How the Dream Master Can Help You. Join in this interactive discussion as we explore Past-Lives through DREAMS, learning Spiritual Techniques and Tools to gain another step towards Spiritual Freedom in this Lifetime! Open to people of all faiths. To Join the Zoom Meeting - Read Carefully To Join by computer — — First RSVP by clicking the "Attend Online" button. — At the time of the meeting, click on the Online event link on the right. To Join by smartphone/tablet (with full video / audio access via app) — RSVP by clicking the "Attend Online" button. — Install free app Zoom Cloud Meetings on your device. — At the time of the meeting, in your device click on the Online event link on the right. To Join by phone for audio only — RSVP by clicking the "Attend Online" button. — Message co-organizer Rikk Hansen to ask for the event password — [masked], Enter Mtg ID:[masked], Enter password If you're new to using Zoom, or attending via audio only, please arrive early to get comfortable with the video conference setting. ****************************************************** Participation Guide: —Remember that your comments are public. ECKANKAR is not responsible for any use that may be made of personal information you share. —Please do not share anything that may be viewed as inappropriate, offensive, or defamatory. —This discussion does not necessarily reflect the views, beliefs, or ideals of ECKANKAR. —To any international guests: This event is not intended for anyone who is barred by the laws of their country from attending. Please follow the laws of your home country. —This discussion is sponsored by the California Satsang Society, a Chartered Affiliate of ECKANKAR.

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