What we're about

Have you had a spiritual experience?
Meet other people who have had experiences like you.

* Dreams
* Past-life recall or having a sense that you have lived before
* Out-of-body (near-death/ Soul Travel)
* Seeing an inner light
* Hearing an inner sound
* Inner guide (angel, spiritual master, voice)
* Knowingness (intuition, coincidence, déjà vu)
* Divine love (from a family member, friend, pet, etc.)
* Sense of oneness or loving presence
* Connection with all life

We meet to share and discuss spiritual experiences and topics in a friendly, welcoming, neutral environment. People from all backgrounds and faiths are welcome. Talking with others can help us to understand what these experiences mean. We also discuss techniques to further explore our inner worlds.
(All meetings are free of charge and open to the public.)

Sponsored by Eckankar: http://www.eckankar.org

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You are the Creator of Your World! - A Spiritual Exploration

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Replacing Fear with Love - ECK Light and Sound Service

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Soul Travel: God’s Gift of Divine Love to Soul (You!)

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Creating a Purposeful Life......Letting Your Gifts Shine!

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