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A place where you will find people who know the unique agony,loss and loneliness of losing your children to parental alienation. A group committed to supporting and befriending fellow sufferers. We are open to anyone suffering from the results or process of parental alienation. It is agony to lose your child/children for any reason, but society usually empathizes and embraces the grieving parents. Those of us who have lost our children to PAS are often blamed, ostracized and isolated. Women who have their children taking away are assumed to be monsters, the pariahs of society. Men who are accused of abuse in the alienation campaign carry a lingering stigma. If your ex- is engaging in parental alienation, but hasn't yet won, it will be hard to find others who are patient with your fear. You will be encouraged NOT to take it seriously; you may not realize you NEED to take it seriously. You will get terrible, well-intentioned advice, even from professionals. Our group may be a different place for different members, depending on where we are in the process, depending on individual members needs. You will see you are not uniquely wretched. Other loving, 'good- enough' parents have been condemned and rejected. Some are looking for support as they live with the loss. Some are looking for support as they are fighting the loss. with the group's support. Maybe some parents will avoid the loss because of what they learn from this group. Children should be free to love and have meaningful relationships with both parents.But ours haven't. And we are hurting.

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