• 15th Fribourg Linux Seminar

    EMF - Ecole des Métiers / Berufsfachschule

    Programming Languages Go, C++ and Kotlin for the IoT == Program == 16h45 Reception of Attendees 17h00 Welcome Daniel Gachet, Professor HEIA-FR 17h05 Android Things and Kotlin for the “Internet of Things” Damien Goetschi, HEIA-FR – Sylvain Julmy, HEIA-FR With Android Things current Android application developers can easily move to IoT programming. They can use the same languages, development tools and APIs they already know. Android Things also offers extended API to access low level devices such as GPIO or I2C. This presentation will explain why Android Things is good. 17h40 Modern C++ : Features and Practice Baptise Wicht, HEIA-FR – Jérémy Singy, Delta Electronics (Switzerland) AG Modern C++ (C++11/14/17/20?) introduced many new features into the C++ programming language. Some of these features can make the developer’s life easier: automatic type deduction, range-based for loops, lambda expressions,... Some other features can make a program faster: move semantic, constexpr functions, parallel algorithms,... And some are simply fixing some silliness of C++: no more space between right angle brackets. Together, these features make the C++ programming language much better. In this talk, we are going to present several of these new features and show you how they can improve some aspects of C++ programming. We will also show that some good abstractions enabled by modern C++ don't necessary imply slowing down the execution. The updated standard library also enables to reduce some big dependencies such as Boost or custom-made libraries. We will demonstrate that C++ can be used on any (deeply or not) embedded system, replacing C without compromises. 18h15 Programming the “Internet of Things” with Go Jacques Supcik, Professor HEIA-FR Do you really think that a 45-year-old programming language is still the best for today's IoT? I personally discovered “Go” by looking for an efficient and reliable language to program the Raspberry Pi. During this presentation, I will show why I believe that Go - known as “The Language for the Cloud” - is an interesting option for smaller embedded systems as well. Go is easy to learn, so I will start with a short introduction to the language and you will then see a couple of practical programs coded live. As a bonus, you can also expect a glimpse into MQTT, a popular IoT technology. 18h50 Information HEIA-FR Roland Scherwey, Professor HEIA-FR 19h00 Aperitif and Networking You can download the flyer here : https://gitlab.forge.hefr.ch/fribourg-linux-seminar/seminars/raw/master/18.11_flyer.pdf