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The Friday Night Alternative or “effenay” as it is more affectionately known, is an initiative that aims to give people with ongoing or historical substance misuse issues, an alternative way to experience what we know to be 'trigger points’. Since Fridays are for many, the start of the weekend, it is a day commonly associated with euphoria as people break from work and other similar commitments. However, it may also be one of sadness as those with broken family ties and other kinds of personal traumas are brought back to those realities. FNA is a way we can challenge long-held and divisive ideas connected to self-worth by engaging participants in activities they may not have previously considered, or had the opportunity to partake in, but which they can now use to redefine how they live their lives and support their recovery.

We will be arranging activities until the end of December 2019 with an aim that the group develops and becomes self-sustaining. We will keep all the activity contact information to hand over.

Activities will be wide ranging, include indoor and outdoor experiences and we encourage people to be open minded. There will be a mixture of free and very cheap or cheap activities and attendees will be informed of any cost to avoid nasty surprises.

The only thing people need to do at the beginning is turn up drug and alcohol free on the night and agree to not use drugs and alcohol during the activity.

People will be expected to attend at their own risk, however we will risk assess activities where necessary and provide safety and comfort information.
There is an FNA number and each week the activity will be left on the voice mail and also added to the Inspirit Website. Those who have already contacted us will receive a text with the activity name and meeting place and time. We will bring the phone to each activity so people can contact us if necessary.
The number is: 07526 381 544

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Epping Forest

Caius House 5th Birthday

Caius House Youth Centre

Angle Comedy Club

Camden Head

'No Place Like Home'

Victoria and Albert Museum

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