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✨❤️ Reiki Level 2 Training! Distance Healing & Removing Entities!!! ❤️✨
Learn Distance Healing from My Experience at the Healing Cancer In This Century! Also Locating and Removing Energy Blockages and Entities. Hello Everyone! I'm inviting you to participate to my Reiki Level 2 Training Workshop, on Saturday September 23rd, from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. • Click on this link to read the Program: Healing, Learning and Transformational investment is $350 The main focus of this Training Workshop is Distance Healing. I'll share and teach you what I learned on the large Group Distance Healing session at my Healing Cancer In This Century and several other ways you can "send" Distance Healing. I'll also teach how to find Energy Blockages and Entities and then remove them. Dr. Oz said "If nothing works, Reiki might...", "Energy Healing is the Future of medicine..." I launched last year my Healing Cancer In This Century online video Summit with over 40 quality Speakers, integrative doctors, energy healers and other Healing Arts practitioners. The top 4 viewed interviews were Energy Healers! I also have over 850 people registered on my monthly Group Distance Healing Session! Energy Healing is the Healing for This Century! Please watch this short video in which I explain my personal opinion and share experiences receiving and learning Energy Healing (Reiki). Some of the things you will learn: • The "secret" to be a great Energy Healer! • The Reiki Healing process • Reiki Level 2 Attunement • Reiki symbols • The energy of new symbols, how and when to use them • Space clearing • Distance healing (I currently have Distance Healing Groups of hundreds of people!) • Use of a Pendulum to Locate Energy Blockages and Entities • Practice, practice, practice!!! • Ethics of Energy Healing: Is permission Needed? • Gyoshi Ho: Sending Reiki with the eyes • Training you Intuitive skills to see energies • Spiritual Guidance to your clients and Help with Healing Sessions • Spiritual Protection and Grounding Techniques • Reiki and World Peace I'm offering a discount of $100 off for this workshop! For more information and details please follow this link: Reiki Level 1 Training Workshop: Ask me any question by email at [masked] or call me at (310)[masked]. Please share with your friends in Facebook. Who knows, some of you might be interested in learning Reiki Energy Healing to heal themselves and help others! Warmest Regards, Carlos --- Carlos Caridad Reiki Master Practitioner Teacher, Educator, Speaker [masked] Healing For This Century

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What we're about

This is a group for Reiki practitioners of ALL levels that want to practice and receive Reiki.

I started this group because I feel the need for light-workers and Reiki practitioner beginners to get together and deepen their intuitive skills as a mean of continue your Energy Healing education.

(Please watch this video introduction: )

The general format of our 2-hour meeting, includes:

- 15 min meditation,

- a short 15-min topic educational presentation

- and 90 min of energy healing practice

- We will try to keep healing practice to one-on-one, to ensure enough practice time for everyone (as oppose to several people giving Reiki on each table at a time)

PLEASE, if you are not a Reiki practitioner and want to TRY a Reiki session, we cordially invite you to participate one time. Let me know so I can plan if w ehave enough healers on the meeting you want to try a Reiki session.

It's not limited to Reiki, you can practice your own hands on energy healing method. This is a continue education Energy Healing meeting! I welcome people who are not energy healing practitioners and need to receive energy healing, for the same $15 suggested donation as the rest of participants.

Our meeting is for: Reiki practitioners, who also practice other form of energy healing, light workers of all levels, meditators, intuitives, Reiki beginners , Crystal Healing / John of God Crystal Bed enthusiast and healthy living oriented people. Also people interested on Reiki Classes and Reiki Certification.

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