Friday Night Tennis from 7:00pm to 11:00pm at Georgetown Prep Tennis Club

Friday Night Tennis at Georgetown Prep Tennis Club
Friday Night Tennis at Georgetown Prep Tennis Club
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FRIDAY NIGHT TENNIS (FNT) at Georgetown Prep Tennis Club

is looking for members for the[masked] season.

We rent - 3 courts - each Friday night, 7 to 11 pm, from October 6, 2017 until April 27, 2018.

Tennis balls will be provided.

We can rent 6 courts if we have enough players. For example, if everyone comes back from this year, we would only need to sign up 32 more players to rent all six courts. Therefore the total number of players would be 64. You are not obligated to come at a specific time, Leave when you would like, and never need to obtain a substitute nor notify FNT whether or not you are playing. Members are encouraged to bring snacks and light refreshments. The price for membership for the[masked] season will be $450.00 by March 17, 2017 ($15 for four hours of tennis for 30 weeks); $480 by June 16, 2017 ($16 for four hours of tennis for 30 weeks); $510 by September 15, 2017 ($17 for four hours of tennis for 30 weeks); After 9/17/17, $540 ($18 for four hours of tennis for 30 weeks); After 10/5/17, $600 ($20 for four hours of tennis for 30 weeks). We do limit the number of members to 36 spots (The minimum number of spots is 32). Once we obtain 36 spots, there will be a waiting list and once we obtain another 32 spots we can rent the other three courts. Payment for the total must be made with this application. You can split one membership with one other player if you like. Rules for split memberships: You CANNOT play on the same night as the person with whom you are splitting your share. That means you must coordinate your 15-week dates with the person with whom you are splitting. If you do not have someone to split a membership with, you will be partnered with another player who is splitting a membership to coordinate your playing dates. If you cannot attend on a particular Friday Night, you CANNOT ask someone to substitute. The cost to “Look and See” (Drop-In) is $40 one time only; thereafter if you want to play, you must join as a member and pay. Payment is due the Thursday night by midnight via Paypal using this email [masked] NO Refunds except in certain cases of long-term medical illness or injury, pro-rated refunds(less the weeks that you have played already will be deducted) may be available if either YOU or FNT are able to fill your spot. To join, please complete the application below and return it with a check for $450.00 payable to Friday Night Tennis by 3/17/17; $480 by June 16, 2017; $510 by September 17, 2017; After 9/17/17, $540; After 10/5/17, $600.

Friday Night Tennis (W.A.T.A.)

309 Twinbrook Parkway

Rockville, MD 20851

For questions, contact Richard at (301)[masked] or email at [masked] .



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