What we're about


oUR Goal:

Meet lots of new people, to make a bunch of new friends, to seek and do new experiences, to make memories and a lifetime of fun.


To MEET AND MAKE NEW FRIENDS EASILY with people who are looking to do the same. To live life to the fullest and by seeing and doing life as much as possible without regret. To share exciting new experiences with those that are positive, drama and care-free and make memories with friends that are to be LIFELONG. To EASILY meet new people and to share life experiences that are open to do so without judging and have the best time of your life. If you agree...JOIN US, you know u wanna!


For many, Meetup is a way to reach out to those that have an affinity the same as you, where you can be around like minded people. For many organizers though, the group is only moderately successful. For me this is my life and I love my life, but would recognize that it would be nothing without sharing what life has to offer without you. Welcome Home.


Hey guys...Many of you may know me from social or meetup groups or perhaps from my Rude T parties. MY NAME IS LANCE, and I've been encouraged by YOU to start a group and I'm taking you up on it, but waited till the timing was perfect and to build it right. I even had to wait for the opportunity to buy out the right name for the group and matching website. Well the time finally came.

Why We're Different:

Many groups have signups to a lot of the same type of events, and, not always the best host/leader present to make introductions. One exception has been SFYA (the largest meetup group in Florida) where I am co-organizer since inception. The group works often because of the organizer and that is the glue that makes the success of introductions and that leadership guides the way to what makes a very fun, or in many other groups, a very boring event. We are different in that we choose many various types of venues and events than that of most other groups. Some intimate settings, some very public venues, but all very fun, but all a member friendly meeting experience.

Type of Events:

House parties like RudeTparty.com
Outdoor activities like camping, group bikes and hikes, canoeing, beach day, charter boat rentals, drift fishing, archery, horseback riding, para-sailing, skydiving, jet ski rentals, snorkeling and manatee swimming, art shows, Everglades boat rides, zoo and an endless list.
Experience indoor day activities like dancing lessons, bartender introduction, cooking classes, gallery openings, movie theater and dinner theater, comedy clubs and more.
Sporting events like Marlins, Heat games, Panthers Hockey on the ice, as well as our own participation sports like disc golf, volleyball, flag football, yoga, boogie boarding, walleyball, archery / gun range and list goes on.
Nightlife to your favorite clubs and ones you've never experienced, vip clubs, pub crawls and trolley stops, poolside bars, clubs and even billiard bars and hole in the wall karaokes.
Roadtrip! Travel for a day, weekend, or week trips from local places such as Orlando or Key West, local weekend group cruises or venture trips for holidays to Times Square!
Festivals and Concerts, Sand castle fest, Jam cruise, lolapalooza, Bear Creek Music Festival, Ultra Music Festival, WMC, Burning man, Bonaroo, Greek Fest, Garlic Fest, Italian fest, 4th of July, South Florida Fair, Santas Enchanted Forest and tons more!
Dining such as a sunrise breakfast served at a hotel facing the beach, dinners at your favorite places will be a more enjoyable experience with friends and the more the merrier. Outings and so much more that life has to offer.

Congratulations: Your taking the step to read this. Now take the next step by giving us that chance to be your springboard. Free yourself from the mundane, and start a new beginning today, or let us continue on with along side you and your friends.

WE need YOU:

In order to join you should be very laid back in being stress and drama free with a young mindset. This is not as much as a singles site as it is finding a group of friends that can change your life. Everyday I look to see the beauty in blowing a bubble like you did when you were a kid. Revisit that moment again and have an open mind respective of when you were little and no cares. We are looking for fun social people who can help us get the word out and HELP FRIENDAHOLICS GROW with the right people. Go grab your twitter finger, Facebook share our link, and tell all your birds of a feather friends to become Friendaholics!

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