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The plan was to start with fellow humans cooperate as sensitive, nice loving friendly people to spread a different vibe and create a better world in social atmosphere and literally the air we breath (climate). Putting energy & effort together for making the world a better place instead of putting effort in complaining about others. This NOT by a complex filosophy, religion or smart theory, or a strong leader / wise guru, but in practise in daily life some basics. As civilized, (high) sensitive socializing humans with small meaningfull deeds and positive interventions & interactions with others around. Save and the healing this sick world socially on sustainable way eliminating -harsh and asocial behaviour by mass positive ''brainwashing" of fresh personal wishes, healthy ideas and intentions in dailey practise : Daily, in practice & in action much more then only talking about it. That makes the difference. Anyway this didn't work to be a succes yet , only that I learn it is really important that a change will be made not to individualize more and divide and get empathic towards eachother again without fighting, when we can't handle differences of opinion.

How to avoid or dont fall into only sleeping members and only talking how nice people they knew online with all good intentions, but no actions or change? Did didn't succeed also...so i will empty this MeetupGroup to start again. If you like I invite you to join again... The contract part I deleted from here...It's sounds too much of control by negative experiences, although commitment is a problem nowadays; i hear this from other people organising Meetups in different fields: easy clicking the mouse to join a meetup, no clicks for cancelling or . . What is the meaning anyway then?

- By real Life Meetups on Locations we can inspire eachother and do something together!

- Nice to make volentairy notice of ''360 gr feedback'' and your FB/YouTubes/ personal blogs/stories everybode can see and get ideas how to participate and optimise our effort to learn & improve and make it more nice around us. We are as individual people with all different wishes and expectations, but basics things like being nice & friendly, honoust non-violent behaviour, yelling , anger projections, pollutions, wasting, destruction of nature, and others we know all thats it's not saving this planet! Let's start..

- Be nice to others and yourself.
- Have open attitude , also for critical remarks/questions
- Be and show interest & be curious in people and what their intentions of life are : ask questions
- Do every day at least one action from your heart, to help, support someone and challenge yourself in this
- you agree every year to evaluate &check (if you want continue membership) no sleeping members over here!!) confirmed by at least 3 people who knows you..
-put your inspiring/experiences on personal /vlog comments here.
-No blaming and or shaming, but helping eachother in making the world a better place : heal the world

I see and hear and feel too many people suffering and complaining and get frustrated about all negativism around us like (fake) worldnews , the way of ego-s shout out loud their meaningless fact-less based opinons , hasty indifferent people with big impolite mouth with un-nuanced content but ruling the free-market world economy now. The more the free-market rules, also politics gets more people with Narcism and Psychlpathic skills & can be very succesfull to get into power and creating and keeping a power-fear system with no good intentions for a long term sustainable peacefull world ..so let's not wait on them to change.. but let us change massive. The name of this is not perfect yet.. but a start.. please advise/brainstorm your ideas.. I am curious and like the challenge who really dare and take action ...

MOre info? have doubts? no problem thats Human... just check call/mail/be there on the meetup..


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HSP - Meetup feeling safe in Utrecht- Meet&greet HSP-sharing

Utrecht Botanic Gardens

26 may. HSP -day 12.00h Een speciale Meeting voor HSP-ers, ook van de FB groep ""Bewust-erzijn met hooggevoeligheid" Een speciale ''meet&greet'' voor ook hier online HSP-ers die open staan voor soortgenoten in veilige mooie omgeving. Met eigen lunch of lunch met soepje eat-in op teras, in ieder geval open mind, open programma...mooie tuin : Botanische Tuin Utrecht... Ik organiseer voor de lunch een rondleiding met gids...Eigen bijdrage vrijwillig (Richtbedrag €5,- pp). de Bijeenkomst kost alleen entree van €5,50 mits vooraf aangemeld (groepskorting) Bij MJK is entre vrij. Mocht je het allemaal te duur vinden, neem even contact op, we hebben een klein sponsorfondsje voor de minima. A special HSP-meetup ""meet&greet"" and enjoying the International Botanic Garden Nature in Utrecht . A gathering without obligations, in safe, beautiful surroundings. By choise With your own lunch or lunch with soup eat-in on the terrace, you dont have to bring anything with you, at least open mind, it is an open program (no progarm) except if you choose to take a guided tour with very nice stories about the plants and the historic also in English. Botanical Garden Utrecht ... Personal contribution of the tour is voluntary (Target amount €5,- pp). the Meeting only costs an Admission fee of € 5.50 if registered in advance (group discount) Entree is free with MuseumJaarKaart (MJK). If you find it all too expensive, please contact us, we have a small sponsor fund for the minima. Gather on terras near Entrance of Botanic Garden Utrecht Budapestlaan 17, 3584 CD Utrecht.. With own Lunch or eat-in with restaurant and free open mindset to meet &greet other HSP ... with love & care & respect for your senses and of others. Hope to see you Rene vd Weerd

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