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Last season each evening was about a different functional programming language. This time every evening will be about a different functional programming concept. The structure of the evening will also change a bit: instead of two lectures we'll just have a single short introduction of a concept and then we'll form small groups and explore and play with a given challenge.

Each group can pick whatever programming language they like and in the end we talk about our experiences. This should make it interesting for both beginners and experts - if you are only getting started in functional programming, try to explore the concept in your main language. If you are already an expert, pick a language you don't know well yet and take it for a spin, or explore more advanced areas of the concept of the evening.

We'll refine the list of concepts together during the season, but possible topics include recursion and backtracking, property based testing, parsers, DSLs and so on.

The main goal is to have fun and lean together and from each other. To make sure that everyone finds an inclusive learning environment, we follow the Berlin Code of Conduct (https://berlincodeofconduct.org/).

Come join, it should be fun!

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