What we're about

Friendly Geeks of Boca & Beyond is a group for young and middle aged adults who are nerds, geeks, and quite possibly dorks.

We like Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who, The Big Bang Theory, New Girl, Sherlock Holmes, X-files, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Monty Python, The Outer Limits, Farscape, The Walking Dead, Princess Bride, Twilight Zone, Pride and Prejudice, the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, science, biology, technology, coloring books, artists, superhero movies, comic books, video games, anime, comicons, puns, pirates, ninjas, zombies, and maybe even vampires.

This is a group of people who want to hang out with other people who like some (or possibly all) of these things too. We'll hang out. We'll eat, we'll see movies, we'll go try new things. Create book clubs. But the most important thing is to get a bunch of people together who like imaginative, crazy, fun things. And no one will ever have to start a sentence with any sort of apology for being a geek or a nerd - because if you're a geeky nerd, you belong here.

We will organize at least 1 meetup every month. We'll go see movies, play laser tag, go to arcade bars, check out the Renaissance fair, hit a comicCon, go to the planetarium, play pokèmon go, have a picnic, go for bike rides on our pimped out adult tricycles, see concerts, attend haunted houses, read books, act like kids, have pot lucks, and loads of other things that pop into my head or the heads of the other fantastic group organizers once we get the word out about who we are.

To make a suggestion about something we can do as a group, please send me a message.

We are FRIENDLY GEEKS AND GEEKETTES. Please be kind to each other. This is OUR TRIBE.

If anyone in the group is not following the golden rule, please message me immediately. I am very diplomatic. I will review the situation. If the person is merely socially awkward or introverted (two terms I use with complete adoration❤️), I will see this is a simple misunderstanding and straighten things out. However, if the person is having trouble understanding the "be nice" concept, they will be warned. If the warning is ignored, they will be removed. Being rude to other members will not be tolerated. This is for the benefit of the entire group.

Upcoming events

No upcoming events