What we're about

Friendly Geeks of Greater Cleveland is a group for young and middle-aged adults who are nerds, geeks, and quite possibly dorks.

We like Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who, The Big Bang Theory, New Girl, Sherlock Holmes, X-files, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Monty Python, The Outer Limits, Farscape, The Walking Dead, Princess Bride, Twilight Zone, Pride and Prejudice, the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, science, biology, technology, coloring books, artists, superhero movies, comic books, video games, anime, comiccons, puns, pirates, ninjas, zombies, and maybe even vampires.

This is a group of people who want to hang out with other people who like these things too and get a bunch of people together who like imaginative, crazy, fun things. No one will ever have to start a sentence with any sort of apology for being a nerd (because if you're a nerd, you belong here).

We have weekly meetings plus 1-2 events nearly every weekend. We'll go see movies, hit a comicCon, go to the planetarium, play Pokémon go, go for hikes, see concerts, and loads of other things that the group members get to suggest!

Disclaimers :)
We require all new members to have a MeetUp profile picture showing their face. This is to reduce scammers (yes, they happen) and help us identify new members so we can greet them. If you do not have a profile picture showing your face, please update it :)

If any member is disrespectful to any venue or event host, it is grounds for that member's removal with or without warning. Some examples of this include (but are not limited to) not heeding warnings or directions of the event host or venue staff, rough-housing behavior, or vandalism.

Also, we are FRIENDLY GEEKS AND GEEKETTES. Please be kind to each other. If anyone in the group is not following the golden rule, please message an organizer immediately. We are very diplomatic & will review the situation. If the person is merely socially awkward or introverted (two terms used with complete adoration❤️), we will see this is a simple misunderstanding and straighten things out. However, if the person is having trouble understanding the "be nice" concept, they will be warned and, if needed, dealt with as the situation sees fit. This is for the benefit of the entire group.

Upcoming events (5+)

Fandango special event: Shazam early access

Cinemark Valley View Theater

7pm showing. Tickets are now online

FYI Event: Ravenclaw Day at Side Quest!

The Side Quest Bar

Ravenclaws unite! If people are interested in going. Please RSVP and discuss in comments on when and where in the bar to meet up. Side Quest's Description: Join us for Ravenclaw Pride Day on Saturday, March 23rd for a Potter Puzzle Party. Earn house points for correctly solved puzzles. Play alone or as a team (max 6), and hints are always free! Our All House Party will start at 9pm with House Cup winners announced at 11:00pm! As always, The Side Quest is a 21+ Venue. Special Cocktails and Potter Food Specials all week. See all House Pride Week Events here: https://www.facebook.com/events/2506568896085172/

Boardgaming at Side Quest (previously Casual Gaming)

The Side Quest Bar

2019 Update! We have changed the name and function of the group. We are now more focused on specific tabletop boardgames! This is still a casual group and beginners are welcome as we're always eager to teach new games! IMPORTANT: We will gather at 5:30 and games will start at 6pm! Try to be on time, if you can't make it by 6 it is ok! We will form side groups and other gaming parties! Each week we will feature one to three boardgames (games of the week) that we're targeting to play. Based on RSVPs and turnout it is possible we will not be able to play the featured games of the week, in which case we will bring plenty of backups, party games, and a plethora of other choices! Important - if both featured games are full, there will be plenty of other games brought to the event. Please still come! ABOUT THE VENUE: Side Quest is a geek bar (21 and over only)! They do have non-alcoholic beverages and food. Lots of board games available for rent; $1 per person per visit. Feel free to bring your own board game(s) if you so desire! http://www.thesidequestbar.com/ABOUT.html Check out the list of available table top games! Come play! We often play a few popular favorites but we can always have multiple games going at different tables. Occasionally we may do a "Featured Game" scheduled in advance but everyone should always feel free to play something else, watch, or socialize. *Outside food is not allowed. However, if the kitchen is by some chance closed, bar staff may inform us if we can order out. Absolutely no outside beverages!* Parking: SQ has a public lot right next to it, east toward Webb. DO NOT PARK WEST OF SQ, that's a private lot for the apartments and they will tow people. (If you are facing the SQ main entrance, park on the right side not the left side where the apartments are). There are meters on the streets but they should all be free on Sundays. The public lot also has a bicycle rack.

Weekly Meet and Greet!

Location visible to members

Enjoy casual conversation at this laid back event and have a chance to see familiar faces, greet new members, and make some new friendships! Feel free to bring any food or games you wish! Outside food is welcome. They don't have games so bring your favorite to share :) Hoping to take over the patio, if the weather decides that it's a good plan! If we have not invaded the patio we will take over one or both the the side rooms inside. For those not interested in beer or mead, there are also sodas and a full-ish bar. Note: Bringing a guest from another MeetUp Group? Let us know! We are happy to share interests and introduce members to other topics that may interest them.

Past events (518)

Gryffindor Day at Side Quest!

The Side Quest

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