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This meetup is basically for friendly people to get together and hang out.

I was asked to point out that it is NOT singles only. Couples whether married or not can join and partake in all activities.

I will try to keep it to locations near the NY/NJ border, locations that conversations can actually take place (NOT loud places with dim lighting).

Mostly, it will be game nights, and walks in parks. Since there are many hiking groups out there, I will say that we will NOT hike, we will walk or stroll through a park, enjoying the surroundings, nature, and by talking while walking, enjoy each others company.

I will also try to set up "group conversation" nights where we can talk about subject but not limit ourselves to that subject alone. I found that hot topics were....internet dating....and male/female interactions ("why do they do this..." kind of questions ).

I intend on having most meetups on Friday nights and during the day of a Saturday. Since most likely I will be available those times. Other members are more then welcomed to host other meetups at other times, but I can not guarantee that I could attend.

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Greenbrook Nature Sanctuary Open House Please Read Description

Greenbrook Nature Sanctuary

Greenbrook Nature Sanctuary opens its gates to introduce non-members to this 165 acre gem of nature on the Palisades Cliffs. Not a traditional Meetup event attendees come and go as you please between noon and 3PM. View the award winning orientation center, take short guided walks, absolutely no free roaming permitted, enjoy light refreshments and if so inclined join and receive your very own key giving you access to over 6 miles of trails, breathtaking views of our waterfall, the Hudson River and beyond, as far as Long Island and New Rochelle, NY. For more information about the sanctuary or to become a member visit our website. http://www.njpalisades.org/greenbrook.html Spring 2019 Newsletter and Events Schedule http://www.njpalisades.org/greenbrook/pdfs/naturenotes.pdf

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Meet one night at Zinburger, date will be posted soon...

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