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What we’re about

Dear friends, welcome to our group!

Started from the initiative of a group of friends, Friends in Bucharest (FIB) is the venue for people willing to spend their spare time in a friendly environment. Our non profit and non business events aim to bring the open-minded people together and create connections and friendships, to bring people closer.

The cornerstone of the group is the hiking, designed for the mountain lovers, young spirits, people who want to enjoy the beautiful landscapes, the company of friends and the mountain spirit, have good time, socialize, meet old and new people and breath fresh mountain air. Our unique concept of hiking brings people together, making a hiking popular and also an opportunity to socialize. But we have also other type of events for leisure, especially focused on outdoor and culture (but not only), like trips, picnics, walks, squash, concerts (classical music, jazz, folk etc.), museums, basketball, running, skating, movies, ski etc.

FIB encourages the members to come with ideas and initiatives and we cooperate with other groups in order to offer to our friends more opportunities to enjoy their spare time.

If you want to meet old friends or new people, if you want to have a good time and make friends and connections, if you are open-minded and friendly, we are waiting to meet you. Will you join us?

If you want to join our group, please fill in appropriately the profile required, including a clear profile picture with you to be recognized and a/the real name, to convince us to receive you in our group, as we accept only the people with a right profile in English and clear profile picture to be recognized, who fit with the profile of our group - the quality of our members and events is one of our strengths.