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Date Night with Christ
Believer? Come hang out with a small group of other believers. We do some prayer, some bible study, and we also involve some music and/or videos. We meet at the Dunkin Donuts at 9901 Pines Boulevard in Pembroke Pines, FL 30024. We sit down at the picnic tables just outside of the Dunkin, on the side of the store.

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Do you ever feel alone in believing that Jesus Christ should be the top priority in your life? Are you someone who believes this in your heart, and does your best to act on it? If so, part of the challenge in your life is worshipping alongside people whose fire for Jesus Christ burns more on the lukewarm side, people for whom Christ is someone you visit on Sundays. Lets get together and support each other in our walk with Christ, meeting with a lighthearted, gentle atmosphere for the purpose of sharing our belief and love for Christ and building friendships that will strengthen each of us in our walks. Let's make the rules as we go along: bible studies, worship, social gatherings, and anything else that will allow us to share our common love for living the way the bible instructs us to, in a way that absolutely doesn't water down the Word of God.

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