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10.10.10 is . . .

10 Wicked Problems (with significant market opportunity
10 Prospective CEOs (from all over the United States, each of them looking for their next big thing)
10 days spent together exploring marketable solutions that can form the basis for creating fundable companies

During the 10 days, these prospective CEOs connect with each other and with 10-20 Validators (for profit and nonprofit companies, thought leaders, researchers and others who understand the need and the market). The first program, 10.10.10 Health, focuses on Wicked Problems in Health and will be held February 16-26, 2015.

The program's Validators may include foundations, corporations and thought leaders representing innovation perspectives from health, healthcare, technology and other key industries. Validators may suggest wicked problems, sponsor wicked problems (by offering prospective CEOs a meaningful incentive to develop a solution to that wicked problem) and/or serve as a "Problem Advocate." (Problem Advocates pitch a particular wicked problem to the assembled CEOs during the first day of the program.) All Validators play an active role in the program by helping the prospective CEOs mitigate risk, recognize market opportunities and identify valuable resources.

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