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“Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be.” – Abraham Lincoln

*Make sure you read the statement after the Intro.

Portland is a fantastic city to live in but if you have Conservative, Republican, Libertarian or Patriotic beliefs it can also be very lonely. We want to change that by creating a place like-minded individuals can meet and talk without looking over their shoulders.

Abraham Lincoln was one of our greatest Presidents, if not the greatest. He believed in this country with all his heart so if you do as well join us, share ideas, make friends and have a great time!

No, you’re not alone! Although you feel like it most of the time, there are others here who share your opinions. This group is for anyone who loves this country and wants to see it thrive.

Get off the couch and stop surfing the web! It’s time to meet and mingle with real human beings! Future activities will be just about anything one can think of. Dinner, movies, hiking, biking, Happy Hours or BBQs. All suggestions are welcome!


*Please note and pay special attention to the following statements; Anyone is welcome to join this group if they are a civilized, law-abiding human being who is capable of engaging in intelligent conversation. Sorry conspiracy kooks, that's not you.

Anti-Semites are absolutely NOT WELCOME!

Anti-Israeli’s are absolutely NOT WELCOME!

If you are Anti-Black, please go find another group to join.

If you don’t like Hispanics, feel free to find someone else to spend your time with.

If you don’t like Mexicans, be my guest and go SOMEWHERE ELSE!

If you are Anti-Gay please start your own group but don’t join ours! You are not welcome here!

No Bigots allowed! If you want to hate people for their race, color or creed go join the Democrat Party since they embrace Racial Fanaticism and only see skin color, not content of a person's character.

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Patriot Soiree - End of Summer Party!

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Saturday afternoon casual conversation with friends

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Countering Woke Bigotry with Rise Up Oregon!

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Saturday Hang Out and Food Trucks

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