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Snowcamping 103 (the warmer version)
Get ready for Boundary Water adventures, but without the long weekend and travel. Join us for an overnight at Banning State Park. Synopsis: Leave TC in the afternoon and arrive to Banning little after six. Suit up, load the sleds, and proceed to canoe landing. We will cross a small bay, climb up on shore, pull the sleds in upstream direction for couple hundred yards. There we will slither down the bank and onto the river ice (which is likely to be more than 8 inches thick now) and pull the sleds upstream for another couple hundred yards before entering a quiet Boundary Waters like campsite nested in midst of white pines above the Blueberry Slide rapids. Saturday morning after breakfast, we will hike the portage along the Kettle River to Hells Gate rapids and have a snack or lunch there. Lots of scenery, ice and open water, so bring your camera. Temps forecast: Saturday evening around 25 degrees, Sunday morning 14 deg F above and Sunday high 30 deg F above. Prerequisites: You should have some snowcamping experience, but if you have not camped in winter before, contact me. Participants should have a 10 degree sleeping bag, thermarest or two closed cell foams, sorel boots or insulated boots, snowshoes, appropriate ////layers//// (got that?) of outdoor apparel, choppers, couple of hats, headlamp , etc. Contact the crew leader for detailed gear list and pretrip interview. Food: Saturday dinner, Sunday breakfast, lunch and snacks. Getting there: Car pooling when possible. Cost includes: Campsite cost (Make check for $10 to BWA Committee) but not the DNR car permit. Small print: This trip is tobacco and pet free. Cell phones in air plane mode to enjoy the wilderness like experience. Crew leader can decline participation to anyone for any or no reason per trip policy. Contact the crew leader prior to registration.


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