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Let's get fresh air and spend 24 hours across from Banning State Park!

Aside of getting exercise, the purpose of this outing is to prepare for the upcoming snow camping trip in the BWCA. Bring your stove to check in cold weather and learn how to melt snow w/o scorching your pot. We will be practicing winter skills: Hydration, ventilation, self-awareness, self-leadership staying warm at night in camp. Bring cocoa, jello or cup of soup as well as a days rations (breakfast, lunch, and dinner.) Also consider some snacks, 1 qt. of water, extra clothing to wear during stops and camp, sunscreen, sunglasses, toe heaters (depending on temps.), snowshoes, ski poles.

Anyone is welcome to attend even if you are not planning on going on the trip the following weekend. (This trip would help get you pre-approved for any future winter trips.)

Duration: 24 hours.

Small print: Please turn off your phone during the outing or at least put it in "airplane mode" if you would like to use it for pictures. This camp is pets and tobacco products free. Some scrambling may be required, so please comely physically fit.

If you are interested in car pooling please contact the participants via post below. Car pool parking available at north burbs.

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