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Purpose: This group is for gauging the interest of a social group centering around body positivity, body acceptance, body neutrality, body liberation, intuitive eating, intuitive movement, Health At Every Size, and radical self-acceptance and self-love.

Who should join: Those that wish to hang out with others that are liberated from fear of fat or are looking to be! Join if you'd like to learn more about these topics and movements. All are welcome regardless of experience, knowledge level, age, gender, race, sexuality, etc.

What will we do: This group can be anything it wants to be! Friends of Body Positivity can be a group that goes out to eat delicious food without guilt or shaming and goes dancing unapologetically, or can be a place to have conversation with like-minded individuals. You can discuss the progress of loving your body and healing your relationship with food. Or you can meet others that would like try out new exercise classes without having to go alone.

I am creating this group for Roseville because there is no body positive group in the area and this needs to change! I am a university student that just moved back to the area and could use some more body liberation in my life - I want to live my life with others that are not blinded by weight stigma, thin ideal, and fatphobia. Let's go out and be seen!

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Interest Meeting - Discussion of Next Month's Calendar!

The Fig Tree Coffee, Art, & Music Lounge

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