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What we’re about

***... we're not just a Meetup group! ***

The purpose of this Meetup is to enable our local secular community to find us, and to RSVP for events that are sponsored by the Triangle Freethought Society (TFS). Our awesome events are often posted by other atheist/agnostic/humanist Meetups in the area--if you see "TFS" in the event title, that's us! 
Triangle Freethought Society is a 501c3 non-profit organization that is supported by members through annual dues and donations. 
To become a TFS member, please visit our web site at We also have a monthly newsletter highlighting our events and action alerts from our national organizations.

Why become a TFS member?
•  If you care about keeping Church and State separate, you will be supporting an activist organization that supports you!  And TFS will welcome you as a member!
•  Celebrity speakers, local luminaries, program venues, entertainment, advertising, social events, and charitable works are all made possible through donations, membership dues, and volunteerism.  
•  Your membership dues enable you to attend most TFS events for free. You will enjoy members-only events such as our annual Festivus celebration, and meet & greet socials with our celebrity speakers.
•  As a member, you can join or lead projects that interest you, and get involved with TFS activism, service, community, and education.

About Triangle Freethought Society
TFS was formed in 2007 as the local chapter of the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), a national member-organization based in Madison, Wisconsin.
Our Mission Statement reads, in part: "To provide a supportive community in the Triangle area that mobilizes for the respect of non-theists, promotes critical thinking, and defends the separation of church and state." We are also affiliates of the American Humanist Association (AHA) and American Atheists (AA). Please consider joining us on our journey! We are good without gods, we have much work to do, and we need you! 
To learn more about Triangle Freethought Society or to become a member, visit our web site at