What we're about

The Friends of the Border Route Trail was formed as a means to acquaint North Shore hiking and backpacking enthusiasts with the BRT and to give them a means of getting together to help promote its use, maintenance, and long term preservation. It is an affiliate of the Twin Cities based Border Route Trail Association (http://www.borderroutetrail.org) with connections to the Minnesota Rovers Outdoors Club (http://www.mnrovers.org) and the Twin Cities Hiking Meetup Group (https://www.meetup.com/hiking-177/).

For those of you not familiar with the Border Route Trail, the BRT is a 65 mile wilderness and semi-wilderness hiking and X/C ski trail built by the Twin Cities based Minnesota Rovers Outing Club in the '70s. It connects with the Kekekabic Trail on the West and the Superior Hiking Trail on the East. Along with these trails it, hopefully, will soon become part of the North Country National Scenic Trail which runs from the Hudson River in New York State to the Missouri River in North Dakota. It is nationally recognized as one of the most scenic hiking trails in the Midwest.

We welcome you to become part of the enthusiast support group for this fine trail. Enjoy!!

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