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What we’re about

Friends to Besties:
Welcome “Friends to Besties” Meetup Group! 
We are absolutely delighted to introduce new events and a fresh face of our key *Event Hosts*. 
Since we (Stephanie and Elva)  have been using the Meetup platform we have met many amazing like-minded women, some that have become:
* Travel buddies (going all the way to South Korea, Seoul together!)
* Entrepreneurial buddies, partnering together on key projects 
* Girlfriends and Besties we do *life* with
And, generally:
Hang out together at events and happenings all across Melbourne on a regular basis!
We will cover many aspects at “Friends to Besties”, much like unpacking an “Insiders Guide to Melbourne and inner suburbs with your girlfriends”:
- Coffee cafe culture 
- Art exhibitions + markets 
- Movie outings + jazz nights + karaoke sessions 
- Fashion shows, festivals and MUCH, MUCH MORE!
Come join us exploring:
- Where to eat and drink
- Where to hang out 
- What activities to get involved with…underground, local and international*_* ! Bring it on!
We love to hear from you about your taste, your interests and especially how you like to spend your evenings and weekends. 
Please note: This platform is open to welcome on board 2 more *Event Hosts* and if that sounds like something you are keen on, please drop us a CV and Cover Letter.
Also, If you are thinking of having your own business or are currently running a business, come join us at our other sister Meetup platform, called “Business Besties”
Make every day count. And do what you love!
To friendship, fun and festivities!

From *Friends to Besties*,
Stephanie + co.